Alright, this is the final checkpoint for one of my activity: trampolining! From my previous checkpoint, I’ve planned the structure of my ten bounce routine, which is my SMART goal of this activity.

Again, my SMART goal is:
“By the end of term two, I should be able to construct a 10-bounce routine including complex movements such as the swivel hips and front drop, possibly the backdrop.”

Since I’ve trialed various ways to connect the different techniques in trampolining and see which combinations are the best, I feel confident that the routine plan I created will work out just fine and I will be able to perform it properly. So, between checkpoint 3 and 4, I spent my weeks in PE lessons to polish and perfect my routine so that I can perform it in one go without making major mistakes. This is my final checkpoint of my activity, and my SMART goal is achieved because I constructed a ten bounce routine including complex movements by the end of term 2 of this school year.

In summary, my ten bounce routine includes:
1. Tuck jump
2. Seat drop
3. Front drop
4. to feet
5. Straddle
6. Half turn
7. Seat drop
(half turn to-)
8. Seat drop
9. to feet
10. Pike jump (on my previous checkpoint, the tenth bounce is the tuck jump. Since I did the tuck jump as my very first bounce, I wouldn’t want to repeat the same basic movement so I changed it to pike jump whilst practicing.)


  • jumps 7-8 is the swivel hips, because it is seat drop half turn to seat drop.
  • On my previous checkpoint, I planned that if I succeeded to be confident in the backdrop, I will include it in my routine. However, as it is near to the end of term two, I think I’m still not confident with my backdrop skills; therefore I decided to change it to pike jump instead.

Here is a video of me performing my ten bounce routine:

Time achieved: Last weeks of term two ~end of March 2017
Aaaand, this is the end of my trampolining activity! 😀 I’ve learned a lot of new skills and got a unique experience through this activity.

Learning Outcomes achieved:

  • #1 : I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth
    • While learning, I identify which techniques or movement I find easy to perform, meaning that I won’t need to spend as much time to perfect the movement. Whereas harder and more complex movements such as the swivel hips and backdrop; I need more time to be comfortable and confident with it.
  • #2 : I undertake challenges, I develop new skills
    • Since trampolining is completely new for me, I undertake challenges, developed new skills, and learned a lot of new techniques in trampolining.
  • #3 : I plan and initiate
    • I planned the ‘stages’ of learning in order to achieve my final goal (plan to learn basic movements, then complex ones, then construct the routine)
    • I planned my routine before performing the final routine.
  • #4 : I show commitment, I preserve
    •  I attended almost all of my PE lessons during school and make sure that I use my time wisely, practice, and commit to my SMART goal for trampolining.