During term 3 on Year 12 (April-June 2017), I followed tennis after school activity. I played tennis ONCE before and it was back when I was in year 7 at my previous school, so I thought that I want to seriously learn how to play a new sport and add new skills for myself.

Since I told the coach that I’ve never played tennis before, I was placed at the “lowest” court, where inexperienced players play. I also noticed that I was the oldest member in this activity. Some people might think that it may not be a very good learning place to play without challenge, but then again, I didn’t even know how to hold the tennis racket properly; I thought it works exactly like badminton! Also, not everyone is too young, there are some members who are around year 10 or 11.

 Playing with ~Year 4s and 3s

The SMART goal for my tennis activity is: “By the end of year 12, I should be able to rally the tennis ball at least 15 times against my opponent”

On this checkpoint, I learnt basic rules of tennis:

  • The efficient way to hold a racket (two hands holding and positioned in front of our body)
  • The correct way of swinging the racket (not too hard like badminton, angle and positioning too)

Time achieved : mid-April 2017