From my previous checkpoint, I learned the effective way of holding a racket as well as the correct way of swinging the racket. Now that the basics are learned, the coach focuses to train us how to rally the ball properly. Since this is still very very basic, the ball is allowed to bounce against the floor more than once. Usually, when the ball bounces more than once, the point automatically goes to the opponent. But since I just started to practice on rallying, the coach allows multiple bounces so that it will be less time consuming (to pick up the ball and surf again).

My badminton skills still appear when playing tennis; sometimes I hit the racket too hard so the ball goes out of the court, or the angle of my racket when hitting the ball is a little bit off so the ball hits the net instead of passing over it. I am also still not used to the bouncing mechanics of this sport; sometimes I tried to hit the ball even before the ball hits the ground for the first time, resulting in a really bad rally and even failing to hit the ball back.

The coach gave me a tip that I should stand far back from the net to allow the ball to bounce off as well as giving me time to predict where the ball will go and how will I hit the ball back. Standing too close to the net will only make me step further back only to wait for the ball to bounce once (and possibly missing the ball), so it is better for me to stand further. I do find this tip useful and this is a new skill I’ve learned.

Time achieved : Early May 2017