From my previous checkpoint, I’ve received a very important tip to get better at tennis: stand further behind from the net. I’m still practicing my skills to hit the ball back (not too hard like badminton and not at a wrong angle to hit the net/hit out of the court), but now that I further understood the mechanics of tennis, the coach now asks all of us to find a partner and try and play doubles against another partner. This time, we also keep track of the scores obtained so that later we can swap opponents (the winner vs. another winner from another court, etc). We also play singles with each other to further practice our rallying skills (and sometimes do keep track of the scores too).

Now that we experienced to play against each other, the ball is no longer allowed to bounce more than once, because the standard rules are now applied. Hitting the ball to the net/out of the court also grants a point to the opponent. It is a good progress so far to be able to play with the standard rules applied.

Here’s a VERY short video of me hitting the ball once, because my phone was running out of space and I couldn’t capture as much. ­čÖü

Time achieved : End-May ~ Beginning June 2017