This is the final checkpoint for my tennis activity! Going back to my SMART goal for this activity: “By the end of year 12, I should be able to rally the tennis ball at least 15 times against my opponent”

This means that the ball must not go out of the court, hit the net, bounce more than once, and I shall not miss to hit the ball. From my previous checkpoints, I’ve came to the after school activity every week to learn new skills, receive tips, as well as casually practicing against each other with the standard rule applied. At the beginning of the activity, I do play at the ‘easiest’ court where the inexperienced players are, but as I learn and grow, I was moved to a more experienced court and get to play with better opponents.¬†

On my last week of year 12, and last day for my tennis activity, we play against each other casually. But this day is really important for me because I succeeded to rally the tennis ball at least 15 times!

Here is a final picture of me playing in the end of year 12 ūüôā

Time achieved : mid June 2017
And, this is the final checkpoint for my tennis activity! I am glad that I am able to learn a new sport and develop new skills in 1 term.

Learning outcomes achieved:

  • LO #1 : I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth
    • I used my experience in badminton and apply them to tennis. Even though some things doesn’t work (e.g. the way to hold the racket, and the angle or the force applied when hitting the ball), the basics is still there and I am able to use that knowledge to improve throughout the activity.
  • LO #2 : I undertake challenges, I develop new skills
    • Tennis is new for me, therefore I am able to challenge myself and learn new skills.
  • LO #4 : I show commitment, I preserve
    • ¬†I¬†attended almost all of¬†my tennis after school activity sessions and make sure that I use my time wisely, practice, and commit to my SMART goal for tennis.