Last Friday, the Feline Cross team gathered to the cat sanctuary at school to add ‘furniture’ for the cats. Our aim by the end of that day is to finish with the scratchpost as well as the shelves for the cats to climb around the sanctuary.

A scratchpost is a very common entertainment for cats. It is made of thick and rough ropes tied up around a post; and they are there to be scratched by cats! It looks something like this:

Since we are making the ‘furniture’ with our own hands, we are afraid of the steadiness of the scratchpost. It may accidentally fall on cats and endanger their safety inside the sanctuary. Furthermore, there will be more ‘furniture’ or entertainment we will be adding to the sanctuary, so we’re not sure if the scratchpost might be a hinder to other furniture. So, we decided to attach the rough rope on the wall inside the sanctuary instead; nevertheless, it still works perfectly fine as a scratch’post’!





My friend and I untangling the rope                          My friends and I outlining the first line for the                                                                                                  scratchwall as well as attaching it with glue gun

Moving on to the shelves, we aren’t actually going to build a shelve; it is more into providing different ‘levels’ for the cat. We are attaching wood planks at different levels and at different sides of the sanctuary to allow the cats to jump around, like they always do.

 My friends and I working on the ‘shelves’

Learning outcomes achieved:

  • Learning outcome #6 : I engage with issues of global significance
    • The main reason of Feline Cross’ establishment is to fight against animal cruelty, more specifically cats. Just as mentioned from previous blog posts, our school hires professionals to remove stray cats from the school grounds in order to protect younger students. The removal method used by the professionals are putting the cats into sacks and who knows what happens to the them next. By building this sanctuary and including furniture + entertainment tools for the cats, we ensure both the cats’ and students’ safety.
  • Learning outcome #7 : I recognize ethical issues, I act ethically
    • Is it ethical to put a cat inside a cage and leave them be? No. Which is why we added furniture and entertainment tools inside the sanctuary. Furthermore, the cats will be fed regularly and let free outside the cage occasionally. We do not take away the cats’ freedom, because we act ethically towards the cats.