Hello visitors! I hope you are enjoying my blog entries about my IB journey. Just to clarify you all from misunderstandings and answering possible questions you have: the image used for the banner of my blog is completely made by myself. Yes, I draw them digitally using plain canvas on Adobe Photoshop CS6 and my best friend tablet Wacom Intuos. In this blog post, it is also where I will credit original owners of something I use inside my art. For example:

  • Blue music background inside my blue music girl piece by AA FVX

The list of credits may increase as I produce more banners, but for now, this is it.

Fun fact: the images will appear randomly; every time you visit or refresh my blog, it has a possibility of showing another different image ­čÖé

Occasionally, I draw more pieces for my blog banner and upload them into the ‘banner pool’. Therefore there will be more and more new images used for my banner as time comes!