From my previous checkpoint, I’ve warmed myself up every week and get used to playing badminton again. Since I don’t spend much time exercising, I have difficulties to keep up with full stamina for the whole 1 hour of badminton session. Now that I commit and attend every session, my body starts to adapt.

I practiced by playing against the coach a lot of times. Even though he is going easy on me, sometimes I have difficulties to rally the shuttle back to him. This is because he always returns the shuttle with full force so it always fly really high and far away. Not to mention that I have to give enough force back for the shuttle to pass the net. After every long shots, the coach would reduce the force drastically so the shuttle barely passes the net, therefore I had to run across the court for most of the time. This is the main cause of why I always felt tired really quickly during the session, but by doing this every week, I’ve adapted to the coach’s style and improved my stamina.

Side note though, although I really dislike the very weak drop shots (because I miss most of the time!) I’ve picked that ability and used it against my fellow opponents. I’ve earned experience on when and where to perform this ability, and this in return greatly helps me predict when my opponent will use it against me.

Time achieved: September-October 2017