From my previous checkpoint, I’ve greatly improved my stamina and learned a simple ability (dropshot). Some time around this checkpoint, I told the coach that I wish to learn how to perform the smash. He told me an analogy of the smash movement, which is to imagine that I’m throwing a rock. The hand movement will be roughly the same when performing the smash. When playing against him, the coach set up each of his movements accordingly so that I have the opportunity to perform smash ability a lot of times and practice (by hitting the shuttle high and slow). I don’t understand why I couldn’t perform such a skill. When one smashes, we can clearly hear the sound of the batt slicing through the air, and we know that it is a powerful strike. But when I tried to perform the smash, not a single sound was heard. My arms just isn’t powerful enough.

I told the coach about my problems and he gave me a simple advice. Doing push-ups will greatly increase my arm strength, and it will surely help me to perform smashes. Although I’m really weak at push-ups, I gave a few tries outside of the session time to practice and prepare.

Here’s a simple video of me and my partner playing (practicing) against the coach:

Time achieved: October 2017