This is the final checkpoint of my activity. Going back to my SMART goal:

“By the end of term one, I should be able to carry out at least 5 smash in one game”

I’ve already practiced every Monday for one hour, gave some tries in doing push-ups, and practiced only performing smashes.

It is true that the coach cannot play with me every time (because he plays with other students as well), and the coach will be going easy against me anyway. So the game I played to achieve my goal will be against my friend. When playing, I always look for an opportunity to perform the smash. Although sometimes I failed the smash and that leads to the shuttle hitting the net instead, I’m still able to perform six smashes in one game! Signing up for this activity has been a lot of fun, I enjoyed playing badminton, learn new skills from the coach, and made a couple of friends from outside of my year level.

Final image taken during the final session of term 1 (one of my smashes caught on camera!)

Time achieved: November-December 2017

Learning outcomes:

  • LO #1 : I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth
    • Since I have experience in playing badminton (with my dad and brother during my younger years), I consider myself decent in badminton. I already know how to rally (just need a little bit of warm up to get me back into badminton), I know the different skills in badminton, I know how to surf the shuttle, etc. With these set of skills that I already know and able to do, I move forward to learn and achieve the things that I couldn’t such as the smash and the dropshots.
  • LO #2 : I undertake challenges, I develop new skills
    • Although badminton is not a new sport for me, that doesn’t mean that I cannot learn anything new. I developed a set of new skills (smash and dropshot), and undertook challenges to achieve them (improving stamina and practicing push-ups)
  • LO #4 : I show commitment, I preserve
    •  I attended every single badminton sessions and make sure that I use my time wisely, practice, and commit to my SMART goal for badminton.