Around mid 2017, the cat sanctuary was fully built and ready to use. The process of gathering, vaccinating, and cleaning the stray cats around the school took quite some time, but on November 2017, the sanctuary is finally open for public. We’ve officially requested and obtained our own e-mail address (, and sent out an official announcement of our grand opening.

Although most of the students learned about the cat sanctuary through our sent e-mails, some of them discovered it physically by walking past the sanctuary. I thought that it would be a great idea to create a sign or a banner to be placed somewhere in the sanctuary; to give a general idea of what Feline Cross is. This sign/banner will also serve the purpose to remind unauthorised visitors that visits are supposed to be supervised.



Since this is an official and formal sign, I’ve decided to make it as BSJ-influenced as possible. Above shows the two simple designs of the base sign, and as the final design, I chose to use the right design, because the left one feels out of place with the ‘incomplete’ blue rectangle.

I debated to myself about whether I should include the rules in the sign, but I thought it wouldn’t be necessary if a Feline Cross member will be there to explain the rules anyway. So I decided to put a basic information about what Feline Cross is, a welcome message, and a small reminder (that visits are supposed to be supervised).


The two design above clearly shows that the second one (right) is way better, but minor edits such as grammatical fix and the blue rectangle edit needs to be implemented. With the help of several other Feline Cross member (feedbacks and suggestions), here is the final sign:

Although this sign has made the sanctuary looked like a monument, this basic information may be useful in the future as well. I’ve uploaded the photoshop file of this sign to the shared folder, so that the Year 12s who are taking over the project will have the ability to edit and modify it accordingly.

Learning outcomes achieved:

  • LO #5 : I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognise the benefits of collaboration
    • By collaborating with other Feline Cross members, I was able to achieve a greater design as I asked for feedbacks.
  • LO #7 : I recognise ethical issues, I act ethically
    • By creating this sign, I act ethically. If students are unaware that their visits are unauthorised, some of them may venture inside the sanctuary and interact with the cats unsupervised. This will cause multiple issues and this sign will help prevent that from happening.