Back at 30th of January 2018, I did my final CAS meeting with my CAS mentor. In this meeting, my CAS mentor asked questions mainly to allow me to focus on reflecting my CAS journey throughout the IB course. Here is the summary of what I’ve discussed with my mentor:


For the service part of CAS, I felt that I’ve contributed more for Feline Cross compared to Project Hope. Feline Cross is a fresh group with a fresh start, and being able to build a cat sanctuary within one year felt like an achievement. We’ve also brought in four cats into the sanctuary, as well as providing furniture inside the sanctuary (scratch wall, shelves for climbing). I’ve engaged and helped with most of the artistic part for this CAS, such as making the group logo and a couple of sign designs. However, I’ve also helped with building the scratch wall, shelves, and buy the food for the cats. Now that we’ve achieved our initial goal, which is building the sanctuary and having cats in it, we are happy to pass this CAS project for the year 12s to take over. We’ve used technology such as giving out e-mails and forms to help raise awareness for this project, but we felt that the year 12s could improve the promotion area of this project using technology.


Creativity is a really engaging aspect for me, as I try to incorporate art and design in most of my CAS. I’ve created posters for Project hope, created Feline Cross logo, designed signs, etc. I’ve learnt that communication is the most important factor in designing, as I need to communicate and gain feedback with the team to achieve a qualified design.


Throughout the two year IB course, I’ve joined various activities such as Wushu martial arts, tennis, basketball, tennis, ping-pong, badminton, and trampolining. Personally, this activity experience in CAS allows me to engage more seriously in sports compared to my previous years. By joining afterschool activity, it also helped me build my persistence and determined to attend every session, slowly working and achieving my SMART goals. I’ve learned various skills in each of the different activities I did, and I think that this is a satisfying personal growth/development.

Overall, CAS has been a wonderful experience that provides balance between my studies. I’ve also enjoyed and had fun by committing to these activities/service projects together with my friends.

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