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Just.. A Little Clarification!

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Hello visitors! I hope you are enjoying my blog entries about my IB journey. Just to clarify you all from misunderstandings and answering possible questions you have: the image used for the banner of my blog is completely made by myself. Yes, I draw them digitally using plain canvas on Adobe Photoshop CS6 and my best friend tablet Wacom Intuos. In this blog post, it is also where I will credit original owners of something I use inside my art. For example:

  • Blue music background inside my blue music girl piece by AA FVX

The list of credits may increase as I produce more banners, but for now, this is it.

Fun fact: the images will appear randomly; every time you visit or refresh my blog, it has a possibility of showing another different image 🙂

Occasionally, I draw more pieces for my blog banner and upload them into the ‘banner pool’. Therefore there will be more and more new images used for my banner as time comes!


My First Blog Post!

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Greetings, everybody. My name is Wysiana, I am Chinese-Indonesian girl who’s new to this school, BSJ. New school, new curriculum (IB!), new atmosphere, new teachers, new friends; whew! So many things to adapt to!

From what I heard from my brother, a 2016 BSJ graduate, IB is not something that I can take lightly. I thought to myself, maybe I should just go full “geek mode” for 2 years in hopes that I can pass easily. Turns out, going full “geek mode” for just one day is far more exhausting that I thought. One day in school, I met one of the year 13 student, and discussed about ‘balanced IB life’. The only suggestion she gave is to revise regularly. At this moment I knew that I need another strategy, as this two years won’t go easy at me.

In my opinion, I am confident on my self-management skills. However, sometimes my brain doesn’t work, stops thinking, and this affects my communication skill as well. I believe that I need to wake up from my holiday mode and start focusing better, in order to maximize my work. I need to realize that this is my only chance to do my best, as IB only comes once in your lifetime.


The screenshot above shows activities that are related to CAS (creativity, action, service). These are activities that I’m thinking of doing, but I’m pretty sure I will change some of them, and even add some more possible activities. I think that I will most likely do more activities on the creative side, since drawing is my hobby, and I really enjoyed it. Even though I know that doing service action isn’t one of the things that I enjoy doing, I believe that as I do more and more service activities, I will find a meaning behind it and will do more service activities.

At the moment, I am actually clueless on what career I should pursue on. Since I’m confident and enjoy Physics and Math, the paths that are open to me are architect and different paths of engineering. With that said, I took Chemistry in order to go along with the Physics as I believe that Chemistry will help on engineering things, despite the fact that Chemistry is my weakest subject. I feel that art will not really help me in my future, and so I didn’t choose that course for IB, but Mr. McIvor, my brother, and my parents took their time and explained to me advantages and disadvantages of taking art instead of Chemistry. After a long consideration and thinking, I made my decision and took art. This way, there will be more paths open to me, and I can decide on my career a little later.

I look forward on being one of the best in almost everything, and to gain respect from everyone in order to sharpen my dull leadership skills. This is only the beginning of my sword. This is the journey of my IB life.

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