What’s a news report?

News are real events that happened anywhere in the world, could be about anything, and they exist to inform anyone about what’s currently going on. News report are found in newspapers; now with the advancement of technology, news could be found online in many different news websites.

Definition of Technology (based on dictionary)

(noun) the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

News report structure (How to write a news report)

  • Headline (the title of the news)
      • Needs to be catchy as it invites the reader to find out more about it
      • Topic needs to be clearly presented in the headline
  • Lead paragraph (Very short, usually 1-2 sentence(s))
      • The 5W 1H of the event
        • WHO is involved?
        • WHEN did it happened?
        • WHAT is it?
        • WHY did it happen?
        • WHERE did it happen?
        • “How” is very seldom included in the lead paragraph, but if the writer has enough space and could write a very vague information, he/she is allowed to include it.
  • Body
      • Includes further information for the 5Ws
      • Where HOW is revealed if it is not included in lead paragraph
        • If HOW is in lead paragraph, then the body includes further information about HOW.
      • More media could be included (statistics, photograph, images, or even videos if it is presented digitally)
      • Quotes from those WHO are involved
      • External links if news is presented digitally
  • Tail
    • Less important details that readers don’t really need to know

Important factors to keep in mind for News report:

  • 12 year olds should be able to understand
  • Should not be biased to any side
  • Personal opinion should not interfere with the facts presented

Technology-related news report examples

Example 1  : http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-37691663

Misfit Phase watch hides technology behind analogue face

(click image to view full size)

Example 2http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/stephen-hawking-says-new-technologies-could-threaten-human-survival-n499686

 Stephen Hawking Says New Technologies Could Threaten Human Survival

(click image to view full size)

Example 3 WITH ANNOTATIONShttp://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/ddos-attacks-caused-chaos-web-were-sophisticated-dyn-says-n671286

DDoS Attacks That Caused Chaos on Web Were 'Sophisticated': Dyn

Focus : Language and technology
Text type : News report
Audience : Anyone: young adults, teenagers, adults, elderly, whoever is interested in technologies.
Purpose : To inform whoever in this world about a real event currently happening at anywhere in the world. 
Why is it effective?
Short and informative: A news report’s headline and lead paragraph is very short but includes all the least necessary information for an individual to know about the event.
How/why it could engage the audience?
Catchy, simple, and short headline catches the reader’s attention and make them read further
How language is suited to the context?
News is a public text type, and it is about a real, true, event/incident happened/happening. Therefore the language used in a news report should be formal, so that anyone in the world could understand. Since news report are for any audience to read, therefore young children that could read and think should be able to understand a piece of report with his/her vocabulary range. 

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