Effective Communication: Making It Happen

The thing about communication is that it is a skill that is utilised by every single living thing on earth. I know what you might be thinking, how do plants communicate if this is true? Well, the answer to that is I’m not sure, I’ve never actually thought of that.

Anyway, as communication is an essential skill in modern learning, there are certain factors that can make communication effective for learning, as sometimes, over communication can bring you down and no one wants get brought down by an essential skill.

There are many ways to communicate, and through CORE, I have learned proper ways to communicate in order to achieve greatness in my learning, and as these communication skills are highly essential, considering that without it ideas possibly will stay as personal knowledge, and in this post, I shall be talking about how I’ve used the ways of communication to improve my way of learning.

Now, before I start with the details of the communicational method that I’ve used, let’s talk about poetry. Wait, no, let’s talk about ambiguous poetry that we’ve been learning in English Language and Literature. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been studying poetry in English class, and as I started with a blank canvas for knowledge to completely destroy (by creating a magnificent piece), I struggled at first. Analysing poetry took a massive amount of over analysing, critical thinking, and most importantly questioning. Over the last two weeks, we’ve studied the poem After Apple-Picking by Robert Frost, and our study of said poem ended with a screencast. When I first saw the poem, I was completely baffled, but at the same time intrigued. The poem itself had certain ideas that I happen to agree on, and with the help of our class discussion, filled with questions, group work, (I worked with Nicole Romangsuriat and Claire Allan on the screencast, so kudos to them for putting up with my weird questions regarding the poem!), we’ve managed to compile our ideas through our discussion to create the screencast.

Through this screencast, we have utilised forms of Oral communication and technology to provide both the world and ourselves further understanding of After Apple-Picking, and with our communication skills, we have managed to do so.

results of the discussion! by Myself and Nandya
results of the discussion! by Myself and Nandya

Now, communication is not limited to certain subjects, take in Maths, for example. Oral communication is pretty important there. It really depends on how you work with mathematics, but I find it easier when I ask questions with both my peers and my teacher when I get stuck. Through asking questions, we provide ourselves with the great feeling of understanding, and through discussion, I feel like the problems in mathematics become easier because we get to see and compare methods from our friends and come up with answers together through the beauty of mathematics.

As I’ve said, there are many ways to communicate, and you’ve got to find the best way to communicate through experience. Never force yourself to conform to a certain type of communicational method if it does not make you comfortable, and when you do, communication can be effective and effective communication can make your life way easier than before.



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  1. I love the screencast – great teaching idea too (stealing that one!). Well done on yet another well written, reflective post which demonstrates improvement. An A.

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