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The Lido Blast and Good Days – #Y12Lido

How fun was residential last week?

To me, it was pretty unexpected.


On the three days and two nights at the Lido Lakes Resort that I spent with the year group, I, who did not expect the residential to be something that is as memorable as it is, realised that Residential itself

has brought me closer to my friends and the people that I do not regularly spend my free time and study periods with. The activities itself were absolute fun, some of them more fun than others, some even relaxing in it’s own right.

Nicole's awesome form of bravery!
Nicole’s awesome form of bravery!

When we’d first arrived, the two first activities that my tutor group had to participate in are high ropes and raft building. In high ropes, we were separated into groups of 3-4, in which I grouped with Nicole and Chris. I would say Chris did pretty great in the activity, as he participated in nearly all of the activities and encouraged both me and Nicole to participate in nearly all of them. I was deathly terrified, to be honest, so I did not participate in some of the activities. One of the activities that I didn’t participate in that Nicole participated in was an activity where you had to cross an

Chris being fabulous during high ropes
Chris being fabulous during high ropes

elaborate bridge made out of bamboo balancing beams. I did not participate because I saw how high it was and nearly screamed (Which is great, considering I was also trying hard not to faint due to my uncontrollable fear). Nicole, however, did it, despite the fact that she told me prior to residential that she was afraid of heights. Her attempt showed great courage that I absolutely admired, even though she didn’t complete the activity fully, she tried, despite the fact that she was probably as terrified as I was, maybe even more considering how high it was. I was, and still am, absolutely proud of her fro at least trying, because, as I said before, her attempt showed courage, and well, guts. Lots, and lots of guts.

Rafting Team :D
Rafting Team 😀
tying ropes are fun!!!
tying ropes are fun!!!

Then, we did raft building. I had lots of fun here, because the team I was in worked well together and we planned our raft well before we executed, which resulting in us beating the other team and getting both of the flags. Raft building reminded me of my scout days, as it involved a lot of tying elaborate knots to other things to they don’t fall apart. Although, I’ve never made a raft before, I have made other things that involve most of the knots, which gave me a slight sense of nostalgia. Even though our raft sort of fell apart bit by bit, we did get the flag and I was absolutely proud of our team!

12 lip sync battle
12 lip sync battle

After that, we choreographed our lip sync battle, that consisted of a little skit to the song

Patrick's brave attempt to save 12J from losing the Lip Sync battle - You go Pat!!
Patrick’s brave attempt to save 12J from losing the Lip Sync battle – You go Pat!!

Cheerleader by OMI, and ended with Thriller by Michael Jackson. My tutor group decided to prepare a couple of hours before the performance and we weren’t exactly the best one out of all the performances, luckily, we weren’t last place because there was a(n extremely wild) wild card that gave a slimmer of hope for victory, that’s pretty much unachievable because of how not exactly god we were. The wild card says that a solo performance of the song done by the tutor group is worth up to 4 points, and even though no one in the tutor group wanted to do it, as we accepted our defeat with our heads held high (is that the correct expression to use here?), but then, suddenly, Patrick

The Equipment + Paintball guy

came on with hand puppets. Hand. Puppets. Genius! Patrick (and his hand puppets) showed a great deal of guts and bravery, due to the fact that even when the music got cut off, he wanted to continue doing it, which was great of him. Other than that, I would also like to talk about is how creative and entertaining the whole year group was in this event and how I have so much respect to all of those people who put their hearts into their lip sync battle performances, which resulted into a quite entertaining and amazing first night.

Second day, we did paintball, t-shirt painting, and the Team Building games. It was my first time playing paintball, and although my aim wasn’t exactly exemplary, (okay I was pretty horrible at shooting), I had lots of fun with my friends, such a pity the black vest team (aka the team that I was a part of) in this activity didn’t win. Although despite that, I was pretty much surprised at how amazing Nandya is at paintball. Kudos to you, Nandya! Your aim was splendid!

Nandya and Sarah, with their awesome shirts
Nandya and Sarah, with their awesome shirts

After the (violent rivalry of) paintball, we did the t-shirt painting activity, which was something that I had mix feeling about. I absolutely loved the calm atmosphere of the activity, and how artistic everyone was in the activity, but I despised the smell of the paint! It was way worse than spray paint, which says a lot, considering spray paint has a distinct, toxic odour. I had artist block when I was painting, so I painted the person who sat beside me, which was Nicole, and added a snake on the side because I felt like the side seemed empty. Nandya, the paintball master, did an absolutely AMAZING work of art for her shirt. Honestly, I would buy the shirt that she’d painted, it was absolutely astonishing and beautiful and great and I give her a massive round of applause for her amazing piece of art. After that, we did the team building games, which were difficult, yet fun. I cannot exactly describe it in words, but it helped us all work as a team with people we’re not exactly used to working with.

12 with custom shirts
12 with custom shirts

By the second night, I thought it couldn’t get any better, until we did the Ceilidh dance, I believed that it wouldn’t get any better. Like paintball, this was my first ever Ceilidh, so it was a brand new experience for me. I would also like to add that I’m not exactly that good at dancing, but the dance itself was fun, yet tiring because it was an exercise. Overall, the second night was fun.

derping with friends :)
derping with friends 🙂

Third day, however, is my favourite day out of all the residential. Not because we get to go home, but because we got the opportunity to just chill with our friends and do something creative, i.e the jumping photo, which is something that I’m absolutely proud of, due to the greatness of the photo. Chilling and just hanging out with the people you initially did not talk to regularly was not only relaxing, but also eye opening because we got to know one another and gotten close enough to just enjoy each other’s presence, which is something I value in friendship.

12J - Squad
12J – Squad

Overall, I give residential an AA for Absolutely Amazing!

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