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TOK Practice Presentation – Reflection

Several days ago, Nandya and I did our TOK presentation in the class. I was honestly super nervous, which resulted in me freezing and rambling about random nonsense, but that’s okay because we need to learn from our mistakes, in which we made a lot in this presentation.

I’m not going to point fingers at anyone for this, but honestly, I feel like this presentation would be so much better if we had enough time to prepare. There are certain points that we’d forgotten to point out in our presentation due to the fact that it was our first ever TOK presentation and we were the first to go present, but overall, it was a great learning experience for both me and Nandya. Honestly, working with Nandya was fabulous because she’s such a great person to work with, she had so many awesome ideas that we’d incorporated into our presentation, and I can’t thank her enough for being one of the best presentation buddies I’ve ever had.

We didn’t really have a connection between our RLS and knowledge question in our presentation, although we discussed the connection when we were planning our presentation, which made our mark drop to a very low number. This shows that whatever you say in the presentation is quite important, also everything in your presentation, meaning everything counts and that is super duper freaky.

Overall, although we didn’t have a connection between our RLS and knowledge question, due to the fact that we’d forgotten to link it before we ended our presentation, being told to do a TOK presentation had made me realise that presentations are really, really hard to do, and I have a newfound respect towards everyone who does them in a regular basis.

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  1. So even without time you learned a lot going forward. Check back on this post as you plan your final presentation.

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