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SB Choir CAS Reflection

Sekolah Bisa Choir CAS Reflection



Step 1a: State the overall aim of the project/activity. Justify your aim/is briefly:

The Sekolah Bisa Choir is a project that teaches the kids of Sekolah Bisa how to sing in both Indonesian and English in a proper manner. The aim is to simultaneously teach the kids English through music as well as to give the children a carefree environment where they can enjoy themselves while learning how to sing.


Step 1b: Summarise briefly the project from start to now:

The project consists of the members of the group teaching a group of children, mostly girls, how to sing through the aspects of singing. We started with with rhythm aspect of music, by using the ‘cup’ aspect of the Cup Song from the A Capella film ‘Pitch Perfect’ and the song ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen, as both song are quite heavy on the rhythm section. We then began to teach them the Melody aspect of music by teaching them the song ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie, while also teaching them a simplified version of Sign Language in order to teach them even more languages than both English and Indonesian. Considering the girls did well during the first part of the project quite well, we are currently teaching them the song Frozen from the film of the same title in order to simultaneously teach them the English language and an Indonesian song of their choice in order to create an enjoyable environment for the kids.


Step 2: Identify in very specific terms your personal engagement in the project/activity (what it is you did/do):

During the first part of the project, I was in charge of documentation, translation, collation of the footage in order to make one of the two things that we intended to make for the kids and minor parts of teaching, now I am in charge of collecting the music that the kids have chosen and teach them how to sing the songs properly in the easiest way possible for the kids. I am also still in charge of the documentation and whether we will be creating another stop motion short film at the end of the project is currently being considered.


Step 3a: Assess in critically evaluative terms how you acted as an individual  

I feel like I should have been a little bit more patient with the kids and possibly handled situations better.


Step 3b: Assess the nature of the challenges and your evolving capacity to meet them: (is CAS causing you to change?)   

The nature within this project is the methodology of teaching as I am not an experienced music teacher, therefore there are certain things that are very challenging for me. This project has caused me to change significantly as it has taught me how to properly handle children of a younger age group and proper ways to make their activities both appropriate and engaging.


Step 4: Assess what you did or will do to develop, deepen or make more effective your engagement:

What we did in order to develop the project was changing our methodology in means of teaching, by changing our original plan of the music that we were about to teach the kids made our engagement in the project more effective as we can now work with the kids with music that they enjoy and


Step 5: Assess in what ways you are becoming more knowledgeable / aware / sensitised / to self and the world:

Through this project, I have become more aware of the social environment that the kids are in, as beyond school, Tae Kwan Do, and their home life, they do not really have a carefree environment where they can experience their childhood before they graduate into adulthood. I feel like this project halts the rapidity of their mental growth and allows them to be kids again, even for just an hour every week.


Step 6: Assess and state clearly how you could incrementally improve on what you do and how you engage: (what will lead to personal growth in terms of changed attitudes and behaviours)

I feel like I could improve on my patience and how I behave with the kids, as at times I get frustrated and shut down before teaching the kids all the things that are very difficult and straying away from all of the groups lesson plans, i.e. by singing the songs in a different musical genre, such as by showing them how to sing tomorrow in a jazzy, soulful tune that is very difficult to pull off.


Step 7:Specify the frustrations, aggravations and personal limitations that you are managing

I’ve never been really good with children, I feel like I do not know how to act with them most of the time and I tenc to avoid being around people who are a significant amount of years younger than me, so the fear of being a horrible role model to these children has become one of the most frustrating thing about this project for myself. I am currently managing by trying to become the best that I can be to and for the children so they can have a good time and see me as a decent role model for them.


Step 8:Specify in precise terms your next engagement and provide a rationalisation of your intentions

I intended for the kids to be knowledgeable in the area of music and languages as well as to have fun at least for an hour every week just so they can balance out their lifestyle.


Step 9:Specify where your project will be end of Year 12

Our original plan was to create an album with the kids and selling the albums for charity, but as it is not possible, I’ve created a Soundcloud account as well as a project email that can be accessed by the people who are continuing with the project so the kids can showcase their talents in a broader audience through the magic of soundcloud and the internet, if we cannot make the album possible for them. It was intended that the songs that we learn were to be recorded and posted on soundcloud, but let’s see what happens.


Step 10: Complete the 7 Learning Outcomes Summary (read the model responses to guide you and delete them as you go).


LO 1

I identify strengths & areas for growth

I’m a good musician; I can teach effectively, but this is more than a music lesson; I need to adapt to a situation in which the child I’m teaching lives a really peculiar life, by my standards
LO 2

I undertake challenges and develop skills

This is a challenge: can my intervention, using music as the means, effect a substantial difference? Hopefully it can.
LO 3

I plan and initiate

I now need the timetable and lesson plan for our lessons in order to get on with what we need to teach the kids.
LO 4

I show commitment

This is crucial: I have to manage my time well to have the time to support the Sekolah Bisa Choir. The kids need some time to enjoy their childhood, as the childhood years are the crucial years in a child’s development as a human being.
LO 5

I collaborative effectively

Mainly I’m collaborating with the kids that have decided to join the Sekolah Bisa Choir and the two girls that I am working with in the group. A few more people of Y12 would be nice so we can have different people teaching different things to the kids.
LO 6

I engage with global issues

The children do not have a suitable form of entertainment in order to balance out their lifestyle of working, studying, and their everyday habits.
LO 7

I recognize ethical issues

I need to understand them in a wider context and I need to be very careful with how I seek to help them develop a means to escape poverty, through their ability.


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  1. It is excellent that you are frank about your engagement and you demonstrate a real desire to succeed in the project despite your difficulties. Well done!

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