My Year so Far


This image. This image of a projector. I took this picture and honestly, I feel like this best sums up my experience in year 12, because honestly, my life has been kind of like a movie.

I moved into this school at the beginning of the year and I’ve met so many great people and have gained the greatest of friends. The greatness of it, to me, kind of feels like a movie, the surreality of it makes my life one of the greatest of all, and all that I’ve achieved within this year has been the achievements that I am most proud of. The words, Sorry, today I don’t have a day off., also kind of describes my year as I feel like we can never have a day off from being a learner, thinker, and great friend.

I feel like I have not done enough academically, so my goal for the next year would be to achieve more and become a greater version of myself, maybe project a sequel that’s much better than the prequel, which is something that can be uncommon.

I aspire to be a greater version of myself in year 13, maybe become more diligent and organised so I can become just that. And, I dunno? Do better, I guess?

So, reader, as I end this post I’m wishing you a happy summer and good luck for next year. We can do this!

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