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A (Couple) Word(s) for CAS: Post CAS Interview

If I could describe CAS in one word, I wouldn’t because I can’t.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve learnt a lot from CAS, from learning how to be an effective leader, how to work as a team, how to understand and consider other people’s opinions and how to be a good role model. Through activity I’ve learned new skills such as how to actually play volleyball and work as a team, through creativity I’ve learned how to organise a creative act to showcase the IB Learner profile in places that are accessible. Through service I’ve learned how to work in a team and be more considerate to others.

One thing, though, I wish I could’ve done more.

I walked in to BSJ and the IB not knowing a lot of things, and because of the IB and the CAS programme, I’ve learned how to become a better person, who’s well rounded and… well… great. I hope.

CAS is great. CAS is awesome. CAS is fun. and CAS cannot be described in a word because it’s all three all at once.

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