Lido Lakes

On the 28th of September, it was my first time going to Lido Lakes Resort, which was located in Sukabumi. The journey from Jakarta to Sukabumi took about 2 hours, stuck in a cramped up bus. We left BSJ at around 7.50 am and arrived at about 11.00 am.  When we reached the resort, we were immediately briefed on the activities we will be doing for the next few days there in Lido Lakes. The activities were Paintball, T-shirt painting, Teamwork exercises, outbound, River rafting and trekking.

Before the residential trip even started, I was already really excited to go as I heard from the previous batches that went, it was a really fun trip and a one in a lifetime experience. All the activities planned were really fun but what I enjoyed the most was Paintball.  I really liked it because, it was the only time were I can actually hurt someone :p. just kidding, because it was my first time playing it and is also really competitive. What I dislike about it most is getting shot by my so called “friends” multiple times in the “danger zone”.  Although it stings as I was walking, I kept on playing.

River Rafting was also one of my favorite activities. We had to build a raft with bamboo sticks and huge empty galons. It took a really long time to make the rafts, but in the end, my group and I successfully made the boat float, until we were all dragged down into the water by the other group that failed to make their raft float. Although the water was dirty, it was really relaxing, just being in the cold water on a really hot day, cooling off myself.

On the 3rd and last day in Lido Lakes, we packed up and left by 12.00pm because the drivers were expecting traffic along the way back, and was worried that we might get stuck on the road for a really long time, but apparently, there wasn’t even traffic and we arrived school in approximately 2 hours. Although it was a really short trip, I had a really fun time there. I was able to make many new friends with both the old and new students of BSJ. This residential trip gave me unforgettable memories, and I am really glad and thankful that I was able to go on this residential trip with the year 12 students.


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