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Recently, I’ve presented my first TOK practice presentation with my partner Shania. We’ve been working on this since the start of term 2. Our knowledge question was “To what extent do cultural beliefs affect behavior?”. We linked it to two real life situations by using the two ways of knowing: Reason and Emotion. At the start of the term, we had difficulty trying to find a good topic and a good knowledge question because we wanted to find something both of us were interested in.

I think our presentation was reasonably good as our peers gave us a high score. We managed to get a 6 out of 10, which isn’t a bad score for our first time. Our real life situation was personal and applied to many people which kept the audience interested.¬†Shania and I managed to set aside time outside of the classroom to work on the presentation. I think that we explained the WOK fairly well on how they relate to the real life situation. However, our knowledge question wasn’t completely TOK based. If I had to change the question then it would be “How do we know that cultural beliefs affect behavior?”.

Here are the things I will do for the next presentation:

  1. Don’t read off notes while presenting
  2. Make sure the form is filled on time
  3. Be more confident!

The criteria we achieved is “The presentation identifies a knowledge question that has some connection to a specified real-life situation”. We couldn’t get level 4 because of our knowledge question.

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  1. This is reasonable Seung Hun and you have made some practical points. It would be even better if you could also write about the changes you would make in the structure of the presentation and the way that you would approach the development of the KQ.

    ian_paterson Reply

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