CAS Interview 2

Earlier today, I had my second cas interview with Mr Bunce. Throughout the interview, Mr Bunce asked me various questions going through creativity, activity and service.

For service, Mr Bunce asked me about the progress of my two service projects: Sekolah Bisa Band and Sekolah Bisa Management. I explained to him that for Sekolah Bisa Management, it’s business as usual, but for Sekolah Bisa Band, we haven’t had any sessions for the last two weeks due to the sekolah bisa kids having to take their exams. Throughout the interview, I was asked if I had any difficulties and I told him that I once forgot to fill out the reimbursement form and also told him that there is a need for raising money because we found out that Sekolah Bisa will run out of money in less than two years.

For creativity, I explained my progress and the project: Songwriting and Sekolah Bisa Band. I recently started songwriting with the supervision of Mr Kinghorn. I am also using creativity within my service projects especially Sekolah Bisa Band where we teach the kids how to play different instruments once a week. We were working on a song called “go green” but due to the absense of the kids, we haven’t got much further than strumming the chords on a ukulele.

For activity, I haven’t been very active this term than last term. Last term, I finished doing ‘cardio’ which I improved a fair amount (ran 1800m in 12mins at the start, ran 2100m in 12 mins at the end of the term). I will be starting a fitness program after the exams are over.

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  1. This is quite brief but does include some reflection. Remember that you weren’t being asked to describe what happened in the interview but you were aiming to reflect on what your mentor suggested you could change/do differently. It would be good if you can do some editing on this.

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