Creativity: Composing a song

For my third creativity project, I decided to compose a new song. I’ve been going to the studio in our school and have been working on it with the help from Mr Kinghorn before the exams. I couldn’t go to the studio for the last 2 weeks because of exams and tok presentation. Currently, I have written the lyrics and recorded the piano for the song. My plan is to get this song done before the summer holiday. During the piano recording, I realized how hard it was to not make one single mistake. Because of this, I kept practicing the piano bit whenever I had time and finally recorded where there were no mistakes. I believe this shows that I met learning outcome 1. Also, I’ve been working on logic pro x during GCSEs so I thought I knew most of the functions. However, this was not the case because it was way different using Logic pro x when recording live instruments than software instruments. There was a whole new side of the software for recording live instruments so Mr Kinghorn had to help me with this bit. I think that this shows I met learning outcome 2 as I took new challenges and developed new skills with using the program.

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