Creativity/Service Project: SB Band

We have been doing this project every once a week since the whole of year 12 still until to this day. During this session, I focus on teaching the kids how to play the ukulele. Aisya teaches the kids how to sing and also play the piano. Liam teaches the kids how to play the piano. We’ve been covering songs such as “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz and “Laskar Pelangi” by nidji.

LO:2 I undertake challenges. I develop new skills – I’ve never been a teacher, but through this project, I’ve adapted some teaching skills and learnt how to deal with kids. For instance, at the start of this project, it was hard for me to control the kids. They would be running around playing with different instruments and shouting. After few weeks go by, I started to gain their respect and actually taught them the few of the most basic chords. I found out that it’s all about being somewhat patient.

LO:3 I plan and initiate – As we have only one hour a week with the Sekolah Bisa kids, I have to plan the lesson so we don’t waste any time. Also teaching the kids require a lot of planning as they need to learn from the basics.

Here’s a sample of how the lesson plan looks like:

LO:4 I show commitment. I preserve – Missing this after school session would mean that there will be no music lesson for the kids. With this in mind, I never skipped a session. Whenever I’d see the kids outside of class, they would always be so happy to see me. This showed that the kids were having fun during the music session and skipping a session would not be worth it.

LO:5 I demonstrate collaborative skills. I recognize benefits of collaboration – In order to function as a band, we need to work together. We, as in with the kids and also with the group members.

LO:6 I engage with issues of global significance – SB kids had no chance to pursue their passion in music before I created this class for them. From this class, the kids gained basic music knowledge and have a chance in the future to spread their knowledge to other people. Unfortunately, poverty is an endless cycle and from this class these underprivileged children got to learn new skills which will lead to higher chances of entering different markets in the future.

LO:7 I recognise ethical issues, I act ethically – After finding out that the kids didn’t have any creative sessions, I decided to create this project. Nowadays, we should not only focus on the traditional education system but also need to include some creative aspects.

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