Activity – Golf CP1

For my second activity, I have decided to do golf. I used to play golf when I was young but I haven’t played since year 6. I’ve set my goal to ‘improve accuracy’ by setting the 100 yard sign as my target. I’ve started to play again during the summer holiday and found many problems with my form.

I have met my the following learning outcome:

LO1: I am pretty good at hitting long range with a driver, but my accuracy could be better.¬†Since the problem of accuracy comes from my form, I decided to correct my form first. When I swing up, my wrist bends inwards and my supervisor will tell me whenever I’m doing it right or wrong. Also, I need to make sure to look at the ball until I hit the ball.

Here is a video of me practicing:


I will practice once a week, hitting 100 balls.

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