It’s still hard to believe how fast time went by. I never thought I would be writing my last blog post. Few days ago, I had my final interview with my CAS mentor Mr Bunce. I talked about the outcomes I have made for each components of CAS.  To briefly summarise:

From my service projects, YUM Farm  had the greatest outcome. The YUM Farm team has come up with a new ordering system which makes the process much more easier and faster. For Sekolah Bisa Management, we made sure Sekolah Bisa was running properly without any insufficient funds. As an accountant, I found out that Sekolah Bisa will be running out of money within two years, which is why we decided to do some fundraisers. Moving on, the outcome of Sekolah Bisa Band was actually quite disappointing because I wanted the kids to perform in front of an audience but the kids weren’t able to get used to the instruments. For my creativity, I explained to Mr Bunce that I composed a song, worked on the year 13 yearbook and set up an Oscars for the year 8 student. For my activity, I told Mr Bunce that my upper body strength improved, but not my accuracy in golf.  There was a time when I didn’t play golf for a month, which ruined the whole improving process.

All in all, we talked through each of the projects, highlighted the skills i learnt, personal achievements and learning outcomes.

I guess this is it 🙂

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