Activity golf – Final

No more luck…

After about 2 months have gone by, I thought I would be able to hit the 100 yard sign again more frequently but I guess that one shot was my lucky shot. In my opinion, my form isn’t fully perfect because I would be hitting the sign all the time with a good form.

Overall, I guess I could say that I achieved my goal since I hit the 100 yard sign once but, I’m going to have to recognize that as a lucky shot.

To conclude, the learning outcomes I have fulfilled during this activity project are LO1, 2 and 4. These can be found in the checkpoint blog posts.

Activity Golf – CP3

I don’t know if it was luck or skill, but I have hit my first 100 yard sign. I think it was around my 80th ball out of 100 but I managed to hit the sign. That’s like the equivalent of getting a whole in one. My form has definitely improved because most of my shots landed closer to the sign than when I started this activity.

I believe I have fulfilled LO 2: I undertake new challenges, I develop new skills where the challenge was technically to improve my overall form. With being accustomed to this improved form, I am able to hit closer to the target.


It’s still hard to believe how fast time went by. I never thought I would be writing my last blog post. Few days ago, I had my final interview with my CAS mentor Mr Bunce. I talked about the outcomes I have made for each components of CAS.  To briefly summarise:

From my service projects, YUM Farm  had the greatest outcome. The YUM Farm team has come up with a new ordering system which makes the process much more easier and faster. For Sekolah Bisa Management, we made sure Sekolah Bisa was running properly without any insufficient funds. As an accountant, I found out that Sekolah Bisa will be running out of money within two years, which is why we decided to do some fundraisers. Moving on, the outcome of Sekolah Bisa Band was actually quite disappointing because I wanted the kids to perform in front of an audience but the kids weren’t able to get used to the instruments. For my creativity, I explained to Mr Bunce that I composed a song, worked on the year 13 yearbook and set up an Oscars for the year 8 student. For my activity, I told Mr Bunce that my upper body strength improved, but not my accuracy in golf.  There was a time when I didn’t play golf for a month, which ruined the whole improving process.

All in all, we talked through each of the projects, highlighted the skills i learnt, personal achievements and learning outcomes.

I guess this is it 🙂

CAS Service: YUM Farm

Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) is a non-profit organization that has been empowering the lives of Indonesians through health, education and community development for more than 40 years. I joined the YUM Farm team as a treasurer and a deliverer.

Picture of the team:

As a treasurer, I have been in charge of overlooking the financial management. When we received the products from the farm,  we would sell them to the staff whom have ordered. What I did was calculating and recording the money down in the system.

I have achieved these following learning outcomes:

LO1- I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth: Since I have a passion in filmmaking, I used all my skills to produce a showcas video for the YUM Farm team. I personally took responsibility for this video project by being both the director and the writer. However, from this experience I gained a lot of new knowledge on how to film with a green screen. Prior to this, I have never used it before and it was quite difficult because when I replaced the green screen with white background, it would make the person look as if he has red skin. After watching many youtube videos and searching through the internet, I finally found out how to solve this problem.

LO4 – I show commitment, I persevere: The YUM farm team only operates during Tuesday lunch time and I have never missed a day for nearly a year.

LO5- I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognise benefits of collaboration: Since we only have less than 55minutes during lunch time, we divided the tasks so each of us have something to do. For instance, I would make the receipts and record the transactions. Another student would deliver to the primary school while the other delivers to the secondary school.

LO7- I recognize ethical issues, I act ethically: During the handover to the year 12s, we made sure they got the hang of the whole process. We took the handover very seriously by monitoring them for two weeks.

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Activity – improving upper body strength CP1

Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to do one pull up, so I decided with the help of Mr Shand to improve my upper body strength.

I have come up with three sessions in total.

1st session:

Biceps (4 sets x 8 reps): seated dumbbell curls, single arm preacher curls, concentrated bicep curl.

Back (4sets x 8reps): Lat pull down, one arm dumbbell row, pullback machine

Abs (1 minute): Russian twists, sit ups, plank

2nd session:

Barbell bench press (7reps, 6reps, 4reps), Barbell bench press AMRAP

Seated dumbbell shoulder press (2sets, 8reps), Side lateral raise (2 sets, 10 reps)

V-Bar push down (3sets, 8reps), Incline dumbbell rear fly (3 sets, 10 reps), Sit up, Plank

3rd session:

Burpees with different styles, Mountain climber

After I’ve done three sessions, I will try to count how many pull ups I can do. When I did all three for the first time, I was barely able to do one pull up.

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Activity golf – CP2

After playing for about 2 months, I have slightly improved my wrist. However, the day I took this video, was one of my worst. Why? Because my eyes didn’t follow the ball. Whenever you swing in golf, you use your hips, not your arms. When I swung, my eyes didn’t stay in place and followed the motion of my hip.

I have met the following learning outcome:

LO4: I show commitment, I persevere – I have been practicing twice a week in the weekends for the past 2 months. If I missed a session, the effect of it would be surprisingly big because I will lose the ‘feel’ of playing golf. Consistency is key to success.

I still haven’t managed to hit the 100 yard sign, but I’m getting closer to my target.

Here is a video of me practicing:

Activity – Golf CP1

For my second activity, I have decided to do golf. I used to play golf when I was young but I haven’t played since year 6. I’ve set my goal to ‘improve accuracy’ by setting the 100 yard sign as my target. I’ve started to play again during the summer holiday and found many problems with my form.

I have met my the following learning outcome:

LO1: I am pretty good at hitting long range with a driver, but my accuracy could be better. Since the problem of accuracy comes from my form, I decided to correct my form first. When I swing up, my wrist bends inwards and my supervisor will tell me whenever I’m doing it right or wrong. Also, I need to make sure to look at the ball until I hit the ball.

Here is a video of me practicing:


I will practice once a week, hitting 100 balls.

Creativity/Service Project: SB Band

We have been doing this project every once a week since the whole of year 12 still until to this day. During this session, I focus on teaching the kids how to play the ukulele. Aisya teaches the kids how to sing and also play the piano. Liam teaches the kids how to play the piano. We’ve been covering songs such as “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz and “Laskar Pelangi” by nidji.

LO:2 I undertake challenges. I develop new skills – I’ve never been a teacher, but through this project, I’ve adapted some teaching skills and learnt how to deal with kids. For instance, at the start of this project, it was hard for me to control the kids. They would be running around playing with different instruments and shouting. After few weeks go by, I started to gain their respect and actually taught them the few of the most basic chords. I found out that it’s all about being somewhat patient.

LO:3 I plan and initiate – As we have only one hour a week with the Sekolah Bisa kids, I have to plan the lesson so we don’t waste any time. Also teaching the kids require a lot of planning as they need to learn from the basics.

Here’s a sample of how the lesson plan looks like:

LO:4 I show commitment. I preserve – Missing this after school session would mean that there will be no music lesson for the kids. With this in mind, I never skipped a session. Whenever I’d see the kids outside of class, they would always be so happy to see me. This showed that the kids were having fun during the music session and skipping a session would not be worth it.

LO:5 I demonstrate collaborative skills. I recognize benefits of collaboration – In order to function as a band, we need to work together. We, as in with the kids and also with the group members.

LO:6 I engage with issues of global significance – SB kids had no chance to pursue their passion in music before I created this class for them. From this class, the kids gained basic music knowledge and have a chance in the future to spread their knowledge to other people. Unfortunately, poverty is an endless cycle and from this class these underprivileged children got to learn new skills which will lead to higher chances of entering different markets in the future.

LO:7 I recognise ethical issues, I act ethically – After finding out that the kids didn’t have any creative sessions, I decided to create this project. Nowadays, we should not only focus on the traditional education system but also need to include some creative aspects.

Activity Final

Due to the fact that I’m an IB student, I don’t have a lot of time to squeeze in my activity project which is why I do it only on the weekends. 2 times a week is how many times I’ve been running and when I timed myself during the summer holiday for 12 minutes, I could still only run 2100m. It’s really hard to break that barrier and jump to 2400m. However, my stamina has improved fairly because when I stopped running after 12 minutes, I wasn’t as tired as I was when I timed myself in year 12.

At the end, I tried running a 5km but couldn’t do it without stopping twice. I had to stop at the 3km and 4km point because my stomach was aching that day.  Even though I couldn’t manage to run a 5km without stopping in 1 hour, I still feel proud from the point of view that I improved my stamina.

To give a brief summary, I have managed to fulfill LO 1, 2 and 4. These are mentioned in my checkpoint blog posts.

Creativity: OSCARS

Oscars! I had the opportunity to be part of the Oscars team back in year 12. I did a lot of things such as planning, choosing the winners and filming the whole event. For planning, we gathered ideas on what the event is going to look like, the table designs and many more. When I had to choose the winners, I had to watch every single video and decide who the winner of that category would be. Lastly, I personally took responsibility for filming because I’ve been always interested in video making and this event shed light to practice my video making skills. I learnt how to use this professional video camera with the help of the theater technicians. After the Oscars, I taught some year 7 students on how to use this camera when they had to make a video for my service project: SB Management.