CAS Service: YUM Farm

Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) is a non-profit organization that has been empowering the lives of Indonesians through health, education and community development for more than 40 years. I joined the YUM Farm team as a treasurer and a deliverer.

Picture of the team:

As a treasurer, I have been in charge of overlooking the financial management. When we received the products from the farm,  we would sell them to the staff whom have ordered. What I did was calculating and recording the money down in the system.

I have achieved these following learning outcomes:

LO1- I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth: Since I have a passion in filmmaking, I used all my skills to produce a showcas video for the YUM Farm team. I personally took responsibility for this video project by being both the director and the writer. However, from this experience I gained a lot of new knowledge on how to film with a green screen. Prior to this, I have never used it before and it was quite difficult because when I replaced the green screen with white background, it would make the person look as if he has red skin. After watching many youtube videos and searching through the internet, I finally found out how to solve this problem.

LO4 – I show commitment, I persevere: The YUM farm team only operates during Tuesday lunch time and I have never missed a day for nearly a year.

LO5- I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognise benefits of collaboration: Since we only have less than 55minutes during lunch time, we divided the tasks so each of us have something to do. For instance, I would make the receipts and record the transactions. Another student would deliver to the primary school while the other delivers to the secondary school.

LO7- I recognize ethical issues, I act ethically: During the handover to the year 12s, we made sure they got the hang of the whole process. We took the handover very seriously by monitoring them for two weeks.

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Activity – improving upper body strength CP1

Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to do one pull up, so I decided with the help of Mr Shand to improve my upper body strength.

I have come up with three sessions in total.

1st session:

Biceps (4 sets x 8 reps): seated dumbbell curls, single arm preacher curls, concentrated bicep curl.

Back (4sets x 8reps): Lat pull down, one arm dumbbell row, pullback machine

Abs (1 minute): Russian twists, sit ups, plank

2nd session:

Barbell bench press (7reps, 6reps, 4reps), Barbell bench press AMRAP

Seated dumbbell shoulder press (2sets, 8reps), Side lateral raise (2 sets, 10 reps)

V-Bar push down (3sets, 8reps), Incline dumbbell rear fly (3 sets, 10 reps), Sit up, Plank

3rd session:

Burpees with different styles, Mountain climber

After I’ve done three sessions, I will try to count how many pull ups I can do. When I did all three for the first time, I was barely able to do one pull up.

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CAS Interview Reflection

About two weeks ago, I had my first interview with Mr Bunce where we went through all of my CAS projects.



As my first creativity project, me and Aisya decided to start a Sekolah Bisa Band. Our goal is for the Sekolah Bisa kids to compose and record their own song. We have already started this project and have been doing it every once a week for the past two months. During this session, I focus on teaching the kids how to play the ukulele. Aisya teaches the kids how to sing and also play the piano. Liam recently joined the project and has helped us with teaching the kids how to play the piano. We’ve been covering songs such as “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz and “Laskar Pelangi” by nidji. Later on, I’ll be teaching the kids several different instruments, whatever they are interested in. We’re trying to perfect these two songs in order to perform in the Christmas concert.

The second creativity project I’ll be doing is designing the year 13 yearbook. Even though we haven’t started yet, I’m going to try my best and make what the year 13s are hoping to look for. It will take a year to make the yearbook and during this year, I’ll be fully committed to gather information and to suggest new ideas for the yearbook.

LO:3 I plan and initiate – As we have only one hour a week with the Sekolah Bisa kids, I have to plan the lesson so we don’t waste any time. Also teaching the kids require a lot of planning as they need to learn from the basics.

LO:5 I demonstrate collaborative skills. I recognize benefits of collaboration – In order to function as a band, we need to work together. We, as in with the kids and also with the group members.



For my activity, as I’m trying to improve my cardio, I would run 1 lap (300m) and depart every two minutes. I would continuously do this until I can’t run anymore. Running at a steady pace is the fundamental key to doing this program. If I run 1 lap in less than 2 minutes, I would have extra time where I can rest. However, if I can’t run 1 lap in 2 minutes, I would have to try to run faster and catch up with the 2 minute cycle.

LO:1 I identify my strengths. I identify areas for growth – From sticking to my program, I know what I’m capable of doing. As I will be recording how many cycles I can accomplish, I’ll be able to see my progress.

LO:4 I show commitment. I preserve – Doing the program requires determination and commitment as I have to keep running until I hit my limit.


I’m part of the Sekolah Bisa Management and I have the job of an accountant where I’m responsible for the finance of the Sekolah Bisa. As we’re still in the middle of transition we haven’t done anything yet. We’re still gathering the information and will be starting in term 2.

The Sekolah Bisa Band is not only my creativity project, but also my service project. As I’m teaching them a skill which they could use in the future, I consider it as a service project.

LO:4 I show commitment. I preserve – If I drop out as the accountant during the middle of the year, the Sekolah Bisa technically wouldn’t be able to operate. As I have this huge responsibility, I need to be committed.

LO:5 I demonstrate collaborative skills. I recognize benefits of collaboration – Both of my service projects require good collaboration. Without working together, nothing could be done. In the case of Sekolah Bisa Management, when Sekolah Bisa is running out of money, I need to talk with the members that are in charge of getting sponsors to sponsor Sekolah Bisa.

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First Step

Welcome to my first blog post! To introduce myself, my name is Seung Hun Kim and I’ve been attending BSJ since I was in year 3. I am 16 years old and my nationality is South Korean. I was born in Indonesia and have been living here my whole life.

First impression of IB? My, oh,my. From the day of induction to this day, I still can’t believe what I’m about to go through. Despite the fact that it will get much harder, I am thankful to have the opportunity to get a world-renowned education. On the day of induction, I got to know what IB stands for. IB isn’t just a regular educational program. IB not only helps with academics but also to myself. What do I mean by that? Well, I believe that it will help me grow as a better person. My brother graduated from BSJ in 2013 and told me that IGCSE is nothing compared to IB. The amount of homework will increase and I will have less time to sleep. But at the end, it will be worth it. For the duration of IB, I’m going to have to sacrifice a lot of things but by doing the right thing, there will be a reward waiting for me.

During the Induction, I’ve familiarized myself with ATL which stands for Approaches To Learning. The 5 ATLs are communication, social, self-management, research and thinking. So what is the purpose of ATL? ATL helps students to develop the skills they need to enjoy learning. I know that I don’t possess all of the ATLs. Sometimes I have difficulties trying to communicate with other people, but I believe it’s not something to worry about. Since, it’s just the beginning, I still have time to improve.

What I’m going to do for CAS:


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.34.33 PM

What I’m looking forward to most in my CAS experience is to see the result of my work. From service, I want to see what difference I can make for the Sekolah Bisa kids. I would like to hopefully manage Sekolah Bisa and teach the kids how to play instruments. The Sekolah Bisa kids already do several activities such as football but I want to start something new. To be honeset, about two years ago, me and my friend already started a Sekolah Bisa band but because we weren’t the ones who suggested the idea and a teacher told us to do it, we didn’t really care much. Every time I think about the kids in the band, I feel disappointed in myself. But being disappointed about something that happened in the past won’t do any better. That is why with a new mindset, I’m going to start a new Sekolah Bisa band. I am also joining the eco-committee because I think that no one really knew what the eco-committee did last year and I want to change that. Our school should be recognized as an eco school but not a lot of students care about the environment. This is why I already have some ideas on how to change the perspective of the students in BSJ about our school and more about the environment too.

Being only less than two years away from graduating, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do in the future. My life achievement would be to start and manage my own business. Not anyone can start their own business because it’s hard in a million ways. Because I really like music, it would be great if my business was related to music. Everyone has a mindset when someone wants to start their own business in the future, they should be studying business for IB, but I believe studying Economics is much better as it studies the behavior of the world.

Before I graduate, I would like to be a role model and a leader because I haven’t done any spectacular leadership roles. But I think it’s never too late and that’s why I would like to be the house leader for Krakatoa this year. I believe that being a house leader is not about being physically fit. It’s all about the passion and the responsibility an individual has.

Lastly, I would like to talk about what I’ve done during the holiday. My summer holiday started on 10th of June and I didn’t want to waste a single day so I decided to make a short film talking about the importance of being different. The video is called “Just Be Different” which tells the message through the mindset of a BSJ student.

Link of the video: