CAS Interview Reflection

About two weeks ago, I had my first interview with Mr Bunce where we went through all of my CAS projects.



As my first creativity project, me and Aisya decided to start a Sekolah Bisa Band. Our goal is for the Sekolah Bisa kids to compose and record their own song. We have already started this project and have been doing it every once a week for the past two months. During this session, I focus on teaching the kids how to play the ukulele. Aisya teaches the kids how to sing and also play the piano. Liam recently joined the project and has helped us with teaching the kids how to play the piano. We’ve been covering songs such as “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz and “Laskar Pelangi” by nidji. Later on, I’ll be teaching the kids several different instruments, whatever they are interested in. We’re trying to perfect these two songs in order to perform in the Christmas concert.

The second creativity project I’ll be doing is designing the year 13 yearbook. Even though we haven’t started yet, I’m going to try my best and make what the year 13s are hoping to look for. It will take a year to make the yearbook and during this year, I’ll be fully committed to gather information and to suggest new ideas for the yearbook.

LO:3 I plan and initiate – As we have only one hour a week with the Sekolah Bisa kids, I have to plan the lesson so we don’t waste any time. Also teaching the kids require a lot of planning as they need to learn from the basics.

LO:5 I demonstrate collaborative skills. I recognize benefits of collaboration – In order to function as a band, we need to work together. We, as in with the kids and also with the group members.



For my activity, as I’m trying to improve my cardio, I would run 1 lap (300m) and depart every two minutes. I would continuously do this until I can’t run anymore. Running at a steady pace is the fundamental key to doing this program. If I run 1 lap in less than 2 minutes, I would have extra time where I can rest. However, if I can’t run 1 lap in 2 minutes, I would have to try to run faster and catch up with the 2 minute cycle.

LO:1 I identify my strengths. I identify areas for growth – From sticking to my program, I know what I’m capable of doing. As I will be recording how many cycles I can accomplish, I’ll be able to see my progress.

LO:4 I show commitment. I preserve – Doing the program requires determination and commitment as I have to keep running until I hit my limit.


I’m part of the Sekolah Bisa Management and I have the job of an accountant where I’m responsible for the finance of the Sekolah Bisa. As we’re still in the middle of transition we haven’t done anything yet. We’re still gathering the information and will be starting in term 2.

The Sekolah Bisa Band is not only my creativity project, but also my service project. As I’m teaching them a skill which they could use in the future, I consider it as a service project.

LO:4 I show commitment. I preserve – If I drop out as the accountant during the middle of the year, the Sekolah Bisa technically wouldn’t be able to operate. As I have this huge responsibility, I need to be committed.

LO:5 I demonstrate collaborative skills. I recognize benefits of collaboration – Both of my service projects require good collaboration. Without working together, nothing could be done. In the case of Sekolah Bisa Management, when Sekolah Bisa is running out of money, I need to talk with the members that are in charge of getting sponsors to sponsor Sekolah Bisa.

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Activity Blog Post!

One of three strands for CAS is activity. For my activity, I have chosen to do cardio. Why? Because I’d like to run 5km without stopping. I know that it’s quite embarrassing that I’m not able to run 5km but that is my goal and I would like to achieve it as soon as possible. To be honest, I have a weak stamina and doing cardio will help with improving it. There are also other benefits of doing cardio: weight loss, stronger heart and lungs, increased bone density, reduced stress and many more. These are the main reasons why I have chosen to do cardio.

During PE, everyone had to run for 12 minutes. I was able to run 1800m for 12 minutes which was fine for me. From now on, I’ll be doing a cardio program throughout the month and at every start of the month, I’ll record myself again on how long I’ll be able run for 12 minutes. Also, I’m going to be following a cardio program which involves running 1 lap (300m) and departing every two minutes. I would continuously do this until I can’t run anymore.

I know that it won’t be easy for me to do this activity, but in order to achieve my goal, I’m going to have to try my best. I actually don’t like running but I love the feeling after completing a run. I am most excited about getting to feel the sense of accomplishment after achieving my goal. By doing this activity, I will complete these following learning outcomes:

LO2: I undertake challenges, I develop new skills – I’m not a good runner and by doing this activity, I will become a better runner, being able to run longer distance. My stamina and endurance will improve.

LO4: I show commitment, I preserve – I’ll be doing the cardio program regularly throughout the year.

This is the tracking form I’ll be using:


I’m looking forward to see the result at the end of IB. Who knows? I might find myself running a half a marathon!

ATL Workshop

Before starting this blog post, I want to give a massive thank you and respect to the teachers. I got to experience first hand on what it’s like to be a teacher and I have to say, it’s tougher than I thought it would be. 45 minutes wasn’t easy to pull off, but the fact that teachers have to teach us for the whole day simply amazes me.

For the ATL workshops, we had to plan, design and present our knowledge of the ATLs we were assigned to. My partner was Caroline and she did an absolutely fantastic job. We were assigned to communication for year 7 and thinking for year 12. Our first workshop was with the year 7s, which was about communication. Before starting the workshop, I wondered if the kids were going to even listen to us. I was completely wrong. They were very active and supportive. To start off, the kids played Chinese whispers which they seemed to love. During this workshop, my favorite moment was not when we did the activities, but when the kids asked us questions. It just gave me a smile whenever they would ask us a question.


For the second workshop, it was with the year 12s, which was about thinking. The year 12s already knew the ATLs so I tried to make it as entertaining as possible. After doing a presentation about critical thinking, we played a game of mafia. The game soon got really intense. Trying to use critical thinking in this game isn’t easy. However, Kenny was really good at using his critical thinking skills to find who the mafias were and eventually lead the town to victory.

During the ATL workshop, nothing major went wrong. Everything was fine and it went all as planned, except when there was 10 minutes left in the first workshop. We managed the time incorrectly and had 10 minutes of nothing to do. I asked the kids what they wanted to do and they came up with a game called “big red balloon” where one kid would sit in the front and tried to guess who was saying “big red balloon”. We thought this was great not because of the game they came up with but because they communicated with each other using the skills we taught them.

During the workshop, we addressed these learning objectives:

LO3: I plan and initiate – We had to plan our own workshop and present it to the year 7s and year 12s. From designing the presentation to searching appropriate activities which is relevant to the workshop, we can say that we managed to plan and initiate.

LO4: I show commitment and preserve – I was very committed to the workshop so the audience would learn and get something out of it. I worked on the presentation continuously and tried to find the best activities for a long time.

LO5: I demonstrate collaborative skills – By working collaboratively with Caroline, we managed to plan and initiate our workshops. If we didn’t collaborate, we wouldn’t have managed to present it.

If I were to do this again, I would carefully manage the time. Also, I will try to get the audience engaged as much as possible. Because the feedback was better than expected, there aren’t many things we need to change to make it better.


Lido Lakes 2016

Knowing that this was going to be my last residential trip in BSJ, I had to do something different. I’ve already been to Lido Lakes multiple times and I have no hesitation on saying that this trip was by far the most memorable.

During the three days, I’ve made new friends and got to know more about them. The activities really helped with breaking the ice – especially the dance organized by Mr Mcivor. I didn’t even know the names of some of the new people, but by doing all sorts of activities, I became closer to them. I did all of the activities and the two activities which stood out was paint balling and raft building. Paint balling was really exciting as we got to shoot each other. Raft building, it wasn’t that fun but I learnt that without teamwork, nothing could get done.

One of the funniest thing that happened was the knocking of the wall between my room and the room next to us. While me and Kyle thought it was Thomas and Davide who were knocking, they thought it was us knocking. Next thing you know, everyone was in our room freaking out about the knocking and never got to find out what was knocking between the rooms.

Because this was the last residential trip, I decided to make a lip sync video. I wanted to make this trip memorable so I took a lot of my free time and tried my best to include everyone in, which I failed to do. Click the link to watch the video –> . If you do watch it, then enjoy!

At the end, I want to say thank you to the teachers and the staff who made this trip possible.

Oh, and GOOD LUCK YEAR 12!

Nature of Knowledge?

For my second blog post, I’ve been told to reflect and compare the nature of knowledge in two different subjects.

1st Subject: Korean Language

I never got a proper Korean language education, so whenever I heard something new, I would speak repetitively and use it in the future so I can input it into my brain. Korean language is a fixed and a shared knowledge for me. Same as any other language, there is a structure which needs to be followed. It wouldn’t make sense if you don’t follow the sentence structure that everyone uses. These structure have been generated, validated, communicated, and applied by experts. From the time when the Korean language was founded, the language has changed dramatically. Nowadays, new popular words are being generated and because of the massive popularity, it’s being used more frequently.

2nd Subject: Maths

Maths is also a fixed and a shared knowledge. Everyone learns Maths by using textbooks and being taught by teachers. These textbooks are written by experts who studied Maths and the teachers teach us from their knowledge gained from textbooks and their teachers. Maths is based on facts and it wouldn’t make sense to argue against it. For instance, 1+1 = 2. Does anyone disagree with that? No. This is because we’ve been told that 1 + 1 = 2. Also in Maths, there is no freedom to found. You have to follow specific formulas to obtain the answer.

That’s it! I’ll see you on the next blog post.

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First Step

Welcome to my first blog post! To introduce myself, my name is Seung Hun Kim and I’ve been attending BSJ since I was in year 3. I am 16 years old and my nationality is South Korean. I was born in Indonesia and have been living here my whole life.

First impression of IB? My, oh,my. From the day of induction to this day, I still can’t believe what I’m about to go through. Despite the fact that it will get much harder, I am thankful to have the opportunity to get a world-renowned education. On the day of induction, I got to know what IB stands for. IB isn’t just a regular educational program. IB not only helps with academics but also to myself. What do I mean by that? Well, I believe that it will help me grow as a better person. My brother graduated from BSJ in 2013 and told me that IGCSE is nothing compared to IB. The amount of homework will increase and I will have less time to sleep. But at the end, it will be worth it. For the duration of IB, I’m going to have to sacrifice a lot of things but by doing the right thing, there will be a reward waiting for me.

During the Induction, I’ve familiarized myself with ATL which stands for Approaches To Learning. The 5 ATLs are communication, social, self-management, research and thinking. So what is the purpose of ATL? ATL helps students to develop the skills they need to enjoy learning. I know that I don’t possess all of the ATLs. Sometimes I have difficulties trying to communicate with other people, but I believe it’s not something to worry about. Since, it’s just the beginning, I still have time to improve.

What I’m going to do for CAS:


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.34.33 PM

What I’m looking forward to most in my CAS experience is to see the result of my work. From service, I want to see what difference I can make for the Sekolah Bisa kids. I would like to hopefully manage Sekolah Bisa and teach the kids how to play instruments. The Sekolah Bisa kids already do several activities such as football but I want to start something new. To be honeset, about two years ago, me and my friend already started a Sekolah Bisa band but because we weren’t the ones who suggested the idea and a teacher told us to do it, we didn’t really care much. Every time I think about the kids in the band, I feel disappointed in myself. But being disappointed about something that happened in the past won’t do any better. That is why with a new mindset, I’m going to start a new Sekolah Bisa band. I am also joining the eco-committee because I think that no one really knew what the eco-committee did last year and I want to change that. Our school should be recognized as an eco school but not a lot of students care about the environment. This is why I already have some ideas on how to change the perspective of the students in BSJ about our school and more about the environment too.

Being only less than two years away from graduating, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do in the future. My life achievement would be to start and manage my own business. Not anyone can start their own business because it’s hard in a million ways. Because I really like music, it would be great if my business was related to music. Everyone has a mindset when someone wants to start their own business in the future, they should be studying business for IB, but I believe studying Economics is much better as it studies the behavior of the world.

Before I graduate, I would like to be a role model and a leader because I haven’t done any spectacular leadership roles. But I think it’s never too late and that’s why I would like to be the house leader for Krakatoa this year. I believe that being a house leader is not about being physically fit. It’s all about the passion and the responsibility an individual has.

Lastly, I would like to talk about what I’ve done during the holiday. My summer holiday started on 10th of June and I didn’t want to waste a single day so I decided to make a short film talking about the importance of being different. The video is called “Just Be Different” which tells the message through the mindset of a BSJ student.

Link of the video: