Final CAS Interview

It is truly amazing how fast my time in IB has been. I remember the first days of year 12, and here I am only a few months away from completing the IB. One journey that has stuck to me through this program is of course CAS. Now that I have completed my final CAS Interview, this blog post is what separates me from completing CAS.

All in all, my involvements in CAS has impacted my perspectives of the community and the environment beyond any of my prior expectations. Initially, CAS was just another part of IB that we had to do in order to graduate, but throughout my time in IB, I began to realise the influential messages it brings, the program’s ability to build an individual and push him or her out of their comfort zone. 

Reflecting on all the projects I did, for CAS, for myself, and for the community, it has allowed me to connect with people I don’t usually communicate with, work with people beyond the school community, experience new scenarios and face real world obstacles. I believe that CAS has not only allowed me to ‘serve and give back to the community’; however, it has developed me to become more equipped when dealing with future issues, whether that be in the workplace, university or any situation that I could find myself in. 

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me take part in this CAS program. My mentor, Ms. Fitzpatrick. My core teachers, Mrs. Lautrette and Mr. Brown. Pak. Adimas, and everyone who has provided me with the countless opportunities to take part in many of your projects.

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