BOINC@BSJ – Bertha!

BOINC@BSJ – Bertha! – A little trip down memory lane, how far we have come and how far we are hoping to go!

To start of i’d like to thank everyone for their support in making this project a success. So many individuals showed us their kindness and support but to highlight i’d like to thank Dr Harris, Mr McClure and Mr Thirkell 🙂

As some of you may know I have changed my CAS! Currently I moved from Cyber Shanty and started a new CAS with Lukas called BOINC@BSJ. I actually initially started just over two months ago and only had the chance to write about it now!

We didn’t know where to do it since we didn’t even know how or if it was going to be possible! Yet our school gave us endless support and after talking to everyone we where finally allowed to use the room, computers and given our budget of 6Million IDR.

So What is BOINC?

My BOINC Facebook page which needs love and support <3 Please come visit its updated with the latest and greatest news weekly.

If you made a Google search it would come up with Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. So that basically says it. Well kind of… BOINC is the software platform we will be using to allow our computers to receive and send back information so that we don’t need to do it manually it also connects directly with the University of Washington (Project name: ROSETTA@HOME)  we are currently to work with.

Now your probably asking yourself why the hell would you randomly use computer processing power for no reason?!

Firstly, the school if you didn’t know or realise, has introduced a new policy that forces all students to bring in their own laptops into school which means that the four computer labs we have in secondary will now be basically become redundant because who would want to use a computer if you already have one? So after talking to teachers in the school we have been given the allowance to have the computers as well as the storage room next to the English rooms.

But  what is the actual project ROSETTA@HOME working on… we could have chosen from many projects such as searching for aliens, prime numbers or what we are doing. Simply Rosetta@Home is a research project at the University of Washington where they are trying to fold 3 dimensional new proteins which with the help of computer power, to unfold them, will solve some of the worlds most pressing problems.

Simply said we are using the computers to crunch medical data. The problems these new proteins will help to solve include:

  • Alzheimers
  • Malaria
  • Cancer
  • and even HIV!

They even recently published a new document in a magazine with their research which is looking very promising and we can say that we helped to bring this result. We are hoping to achieve a score of top 50 which would be amazing! (In 100,000’s of teams…) Which is actually not impossible considering the rate we are growing at! 🙂

The first part of our project once given the permission and keys was to clean out the storage room which was absolutely filthy not having been used for 3 years.




Then came the raspberry pi’s which are all running 24/7 to process the same data as the computers which came soon after…


The first step for the school was to give us our first computer! Which we wiped clean and installed linux on. Thereafter we downloaded BOINC and connected to rosetta@home. The final step was to configure the settings so that the computers will only download and upload data from 8PM to 5AM when there is no one at school, this was important because we want to make sure that our project didn’t affect the school internet.


Then came another two…


Lukas and I have now even gotten volunteers who use there computers during the night or donated their computers to us!

12510273_1684556618487701_2470356394264684694_n(Thanks Marcus!)

So two months ago Lukas and I started BOINC@BSJ.

We will now be getting more and more computers as well as we will soon have a presentation in-front of the whole school! 🙂 This will hopefully promote new supporters to come forth and as well as get the word out of our project.

Till now we have done a ton of work! Its all on our Facebook page being constantly updated and worked on 🙂 We recently bought shelving units as well. During the holiday we also got 6 brand new ports so that we can supply better and cleaner energy to the rest of the computers when they arrive!

12742276_1691873181089378_3726315406423909149_n 12671671_1695020117441351_2474301487708733651_o

So our hard-work is paying of! We are moving up the ranks and our recent average credit is within the top 2000 teams! (out of well over 150,000)

We are hoping to get up to 60 computers as well as many students and teachers to come join the project which if you haven’t noticed we love doing! We are using our love for computers to bring together our community, make use of unused space and computers to solve the largest medical issues in our modern lives. To make the world a better place for everyone.

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