Residential Reflection

The past week we went on a residential trip, we went to the one and only Lido Lakes. This trip was much more fun than I anticipated. The activities were entertaining and delightful. Before the residential our class was awkward and antisocial. Now, we are still awkward; but we actually talk and socialise with each other. The fun activities we did such as paintball and raft building helped us bond. The high ropes for me were challenging as I am scared of hights. But, I managed to undertake the challenge. This falls into one of the CAS learning outcomes ‘Undertaking new challenges’. We also did many team building activities. These activities included roller coaster building, raft building, recreating wooden buildings and many more. Additionally, the hardest part of the residential in my opinion was the hike. In the hike we had to learn how to use a compass to find our way back to the resort. However, when it was our turn to hike the heat was unbearable. But, at the end when we arrived back to Lido Lakes, the hike felt rewarding.

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