Service Blog 1 – Project H.O.P.E.

It has been over 10 months since Project H.O.P.E. was created and although a handful of targets remain unattained, numerous objectives were already achieved. Overall, I am proud of the entire team and I believe each and everyone of us can be proud of ourselves. The fact that H.O.P.E. was the largest CAS project in BIS was demonsatrated with the plethora of activities that we carried out. From annimation days in BSJ to selling wrist bands to the students, passing by the purchase of a brand new washing machine, we can confidently conclude that we made lives of some Jakarta orphans better. Our team went through ups and downs but we worked together to sort out the issues successfully and learn from them. I look forward to continue working with everyone and to take this CAS project to a whole new level.  

One of the highlights of the year is when we brought one of the three orphanages we support to BSJ. We were able to use many facilities and the children experienced things they had never done before. The cherry on top was the few songs we danced on in the secondary foyer in which every single one of the 70 people who were present participated. The most apparent CAS LO on that day was CAS LO 3: to plan and initiate. This is because the organistaion for this event was enormous as well as lengthy and it required a lot of effort to make the event as good as possible. We started many weeks before the date of the event and every single one of us had responsabilities to fulfil. It was an absolutely awesome day which we will repeat on the 18th of June.

Secondly, the fundraising for Yayasan Sayap Ibu was an immense success. After being granted 3 million rupiah by BSJ’s CAT team to make the wrist bands, we sold every single one of them and raised more money than we expected. With this money (6 million Rupiah) we bought a new washing mashine for the oprhanage and we will buy pizzas for the children of Fajar Baru during next week’s event in BSJ. This links to CAS LO 6: collaborative work since the only reson why we succeeded to sell all the wristbands is because of a near perfect collaborative team work where each member helped out personally.

Finally, we were delighted by the donation offered by Year 1. Along with their teachers, the year 1 children raised money for Project H.O.P.E. and it required me to make a little presentation in front of their entire year. Even though it was stressful to talk in front of this many people, I was very happy of my presentation and every year 1 pupil seemed to have liked it. This links to CAS LO 1: Strengths and areas of growth because I was invited to identify what I was good at in presentation skills and what I had to improve.

In conclusion, I am very happy of the year 2016/17 and I believe we can turn the page to the next year to make even bigger dreams come true. On the picture above, you can see our entire team. This team contains the very initial members of a Project that is to become a longlasting and honoured CAS group in BSJ.

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