Service Blog 2 – House Leader

Being a house leader was one of the best activities I carried out in year 12. It all started with the creation of the promotion video. Along with my family and my cousins, we spent a week-end filming in Bali in order to put together a clip set to secure the necessary votes to be elected. We laughed continuously throughout the process of making the video and almost all my family members were shown in it. After I was elected House Leader for Agung, we had to get to work. Below, you can see an extract of a failed attempt to film my promotion.

The first big activity was Tug Of War. Organising the event was a lot of fun and the Agung house managed to win quite a few of the games. This event required me to apply CAS LO 2: Undertake challenges and develop new skills. This is because the many processes you need to go through in order to set up such an event requires a lot of work and allows you to learn throughout. With the Tug of War, I was very happy with the high turn over. Furthermore, we had the talent show event. That was the highlight of the year in terms of house leader events. The organisation of the event was a true nightmare but the outcome was fantastic. Every act was uniquely entertaining and with Agung we even set up a house event where we sang ‘oh happy day’ all together. This activity had me relate to CAS LO 3 and 4. This is because, even though the work was hard, we had to preserve, carry the work out and not give up and because this event was a success only because our collaborative work was truly impressive. Although we did some other small events throughout the year such as the cooking competition and the video making for Béa, the other big event is to be the end of the year lipsync tournament. That will take place next week and we are intensively preparing the event. Because this is a clip which involves music and music clips, we are forced to be pay attention to suitable language and images. This links to CAS LO 7: act ethically. We have to ensure that no swear words are mentioned and no disrespectful images are portrayed.

Overall, I want to thank every single student of BSJ for appreciating our events and for participating. It was an unforgettable event for me as it taught me and helped me improve numerous skills. See you next week for the final blast of the year.

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