TOK presentation – Reflection

The reason why I believe my TOK presentation was valued is because I discussed a topic of global interest. With the rising occurence of terrorist attacks in the world, more and more people feel worried and scared. My RLS was the terrorist attack in Belgium because it hit the centre of my country and the bottom of my heart. I used the WOK’s of Emotion and Reason to analyse the perspective of a general bystander (of a terrorist attack) and the perspective of the person carrying out the act (the terrorist). Furthermore, I looked into the AOK of Human science and of Religious knowledge systems to further understand the decision making of a person to kill. For my KQ (To what extent can emotion and reason justify action), I concluded that in situations as extreme as killing, there is usually an external influence that influences the rational reasoning of the people carrying out the act. Looking at terrorism, the external factor could be brainwash or manipulation. As Subsidiary KQ I had: Can any emotion be defined as ‘wrong’ knowing that it’s personal for every single human being. Overall, I received a 9/10 and I am very proud because the hard work I put into this was shown with my grades. Now, the TOK essay is awaiting.

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