Jukebox around the world

Within the team of the Jukebox Magazine of British School Jakarta, we came up with an idea to add value to our brochure. As many members were going to travel around the world during last Christmas holidays, we decided that each one of us had to take a letter from the word ‘Jukebox’ and take a photo of it at the destinations we were bound for. I took the letter ‘E’ and ‘O’ that we had constructed out of cardboard and I brought it to Australia and New Zealand.


I took pictures with the letters at places such as Queenstown and Christchurch in New Zealand, and Sydney Harbour in Australia. This required to take into account LO3 = I plan and initiate. This is because before the trip started, I had to check my family’s itinerary and plan where I was going to take the pictures. This task also allowed me to embrace LO4 = I show commitment, I persevere. Throughout the holidays, it is easy to forget the letters in your bag and just enjoy the scenery, which is why I had to regularly remind myself to take the letters to the places I went. Because I did this, I was able to come back to the team after the holiday with a task fully completed.


Finally, I had to follow LO7 = I act ethically in order to carry out the task respectfully. This is due to the fact that some locations in Australia and New Zealand are sacred or are places of deep meaning. I had to make sure that I did not take pictures of the letters in such places in order to respect the environment and the people enjoying it. An example of a sacred place was Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney or the ‘Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial’ for the catastrophic 2011 Christchurch earthquake.


Overall, the idea is set to please many Jukebox Magazine readers and the making of these pictures was a pleasure for me to carry out.

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