Model United Nations Hong Kong


The Model United Nations Conference that I attended in September 2017 in the Canadian International School of Hong Kong was definitely one of the highlights of the year and of my time in Southeast Asia. I consider this event as part of my ‘Creativity’ for CAS because it required me to find solutions to world issues we were talking about. Yes, you have read this well, I believe that finding political solutions does require imagination and creativity and not only rational reasoning. These 5 days in Hong Kong opened my eyes to Asian culture and to the problems that our world faces today.


This experience enabled me to meet LO1 and 2: Identity strength/identify areas of growth and undertake challenges/develop new skills. This is because the conference allowed me to identify strengths such as debating skills and communication skills and it allowed me t identify areas of growth such as persuasive skills. Furthermore, before the conference started, I had to prepare many documents and carry out extensive research so as to be fully ready for the debates. These challenges allowed me to develop management and organisational skills. The way I successfully dealt with the challenges emerged to be fruitful as I won the ‘Best speaker of the Security Council Committee award.’


Throughout the conference, I also worked on LO5 and 6: Demonstrate collaborative skills and engage with issues of global significance. For the conference, we are appointed to a particular committee and we as we are representing a country in particular, we are supposed to find potential other countries who may be your allies. Collaboration with these countries is crucial as it will allow resolutions to be very convincing which smoothes its path to acceptance. Moreover, the debates covered issues such as the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, the terrorism in Mali and the unstable government in Venezuela. These topics are of global significance and as we handled these issues through debate, we engaged with issues of global significance.


Overall, I met some really great people with whom I remain in contact and this conference paved my way to being picked for the Vancouver Model United Nation Conference in January 2018. This will be an opportunity for me to work further on learning outcomes.

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