Service – Blog Post 3: “Inspire ME” Conference

For my third Service Project, I decided to join the IME Conference team in BSJ. As the 2016 conference was a huge success, I was motivated to join the new group who was to organise a completely new conference with different topics and target audiences. Along with Aga, Presley, Jacques, Nicole, Araza, Kelly and the help of dozens of other people, we scheduled the conference on the 15th of September. Yes, it was hard and tiring to organise it, but the outcome made it more than worth it.


Various learning outcomes were met throughout the process of preparing the show. First of all, we met LO3: To plan and initiate. This was because we had to plan months before the conference in order to have the time to find and meet potential speakers, book the theatre, prepare the food and the advertisement. Furthermore, we embraced LO4: To show commitment and persevere. This was done by constantly committing to the cause of following the plan and carrying out our task. In other words, even in the hard moments where it felt like the preparation was not good enough and when our motivation decreased, we all had to continue preparing the show at the best of our abilities and persevere. With the outstanding collaboration of the team (LO5: Demonstrate collaborative skills), we were able to persevere in the hardest times and pull off a successful conference attended by hundreds of people.


In addition, we engaged with issues of global significance (LO6) because the topic of the conference was about the importance of creativity in the future which will be full of technological developments. Technology affects all of us and jobs in the future may be in jeopardy because of it, which is why this show was beneficial for the youth in particular, as it allowed them to learn what they will need to do in the future to be successful. Finally, we were absolutely forced to respect LO7: To act ethically, because some speakers and some topics may appear controversial for some people within the audience. This is why the team ensured that all topics covered were in line with the themes and respected every audience member in the room. Although not all speakers met this requirement, the majority of the speakers were not political figures so as to ensure a high audience turn up.


Now that all is said and done, I am thankful to have been able to work with such a strong team and I look forward to see how next year’s team will embrace the learning outcomes and pull off an even better conference.

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