Activity 3 – Blog 1 – Ping Pong

For the final ‘Activity’ I needed to carry out for CAS, I choose to play Ping-Pong during term 1. I opted for a more original goal as I wanted to develop more skills than solely improve my physical education. This is why I decided that my final goal would be “To play at least one match with every single person in Year 13 who plays ping-pong during PE classes.”

This goal will allow me to improve my Ping-Pong skills as I will play with different students who have a different way of playing. Those differences will help me adapt and increase my ability to play successfully. On top of the physical activity, this goal will allow me to meet many students from my year and learn about them, which may not happen if I don’t play with them. I believe this goal helps me get out of my comfort zone so as to meet people from various backgrounds. 

Next week, I will start by playing with at least 5 students. As we are only 25 in total, I should be able to complete the task by the end of the term. Every match will consist of two sets where the winner needs to reach 11 points.

Let the competition and the discovery of new people begin.

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