Activity 3 – Blog 2 – PingPong

So far, I have been able to play with 15 out of the 25 students, which means that I am already halfway nearer my goal. I played against Europeans and against Korean students which allowed me to identify different ways of playing. As for now, I believe I suitably adapt my way of playing to attempt to beat my opponents.

In terms of new people I met, I had very enjoyable conversations with Koreans and Japanese students in my year whom I knew very little. Learning their techniques and about their lives has been a very interesting experience for me.

In the next three weeks, I intend to play with 5 more people and when I reached 20 players, I will try and organise a PingPong game where everybody plays on one table. It consists of hitting the ball once and then turn around to the other side. I expect this game to be enjoyable and I hope it will allow many students to meet each other and have fun together.

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