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About a year and 6 months ago, my CAS adventure started in BSJ and now, as unbelievable as it sounds, my journey is about to end. After all the blog posts on Creativity, Activity and Service as well as all the reflections, I am now reaching the time of writing my very final words on this aspect of IB that I gladly accomplished. It has been a pleasure to work with all the members in Project H.O.P.E. and to make small and vague ideas come to life. CAS has taught me a lot, but it has mainly allowed me to acknowledge the people who need help in this world, and to not take what I have for granted.

The third interview with my mentor, Miss Barud, was very enjoyable and accounted for a good summary of my journey within CAS. In terms of achievement within the section of Service, I explained to my mentor about the wristbands we had sold and the washing machine we bought with the money we assembled from selling the wristbands to students in school. I identified the benefit of our project to be the happiness we had offered to the orphans and the lessons of English and Swimming that we taught to the orphanages. Furthermore, I expanded on the fruitful collaboration we had in our team and how it all allowed us to learn how to successfully organise activities with a big group.

For the Activity part, I told Miss Barud about my improvements in Tennis as well as trampolining and I identified what I could have done better if the task was to be repeated. Finally, for Creativity, I shared my belief that it was very helpful to foster creativity and imagination to students of my age because, with the future that is so uncertain with the expansion of technology, creativity will allow us to discover new things which will benefit us in our future lives.

Now that all is said I done, I turn the page on CAS and open myself to the new awaiting adventures of my life. Farewell Cas, au revoir.

I’m out

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  1. Ms. Barud at |

    Thom, it has been very engaging and informative to read your final reflection blog – thank you and well done!

    It has been a great pleasure to share aspects of your CAS journey with you. Your enthusiasm, commitment and conscientiousness has been a pleasure to witness.

    I wish you much success as your final year comes to a close.

    Keep working hard and keep up your efforts to achieve the successes you deserve, which of course you will achieve – no doubt about that!! :))


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