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End of Year 12 CAS Reflection

CAS Completion Projection

Yr 12 CAS:CAS Completion Projection (final 15 weeks of CAS to end of Term 1 Dec 16 2016)   PROJECT END Define the best possible state of the Service Project by end of Term 1 Yr 13 We have already… Continue Reading →

TOK Presentation Reflection

My ToK presentation was about finding yourself. I was in a group with David and Rahmani. Reflecting on the idea of the presentation, my group members and I got to learn about something that we never knew we could learn…. Continue Reading →

Last day in L I D O!

I never thought that my stay in Lido Lakes would be so memorable. Reflecting on the things I did, Lido Lakes meant a lot to me, along with the friendships that I got to develop, the moments I got to… Continue Reading →

Day #2 in L I D O

Raft building, Paintball, T-shirt painting, and Celidih Dancing. 6:30 am wake up call, and I had to step out of my comfort zone – as the first activity was Raft building and that requires GETTING INSIDE THE WATER, something I… Continue Reading →

Day #1 in L I D O

We started off by having doing our first activity: TEAM BUILDING We were separated into two groups, Even and Odd. The exciting thing about this activity was that we got to work and build friendships in the weirdest way with… Continue Reading →

Year 12¬†just got back from a 3 day trip to Sukabumi, and we stayed in a resort called Lido Lakes resort. At first, I thought the trip was going to be a little boring and tiring. However, I judged to… Continue Reading →

To Get an A* I Must…

During these few weeks of Core, I have learnt and explored new ways to enhance my work. I have learnt many ways to enhance my communication skills in different forms such as communicating through Powerpoints, through essays (specifically on how… Continue Reading →

Effective Communication

Last week, Miss Barnard assigned a group work for our Core Class, she divided the class into groups of 3, and she gave each and every group different tasks to research about regarding effective communication. I was chosen to be… Continue Reading →

Wise Words of a Teacher

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today – and it is only the second day of school. In all honesty, I felt odd and I felt as if my day was going to be a really… Continue Reading →

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