CAS Interview 3

It’s hard to realise that my CAS journey have finally come to an end. I remember the first few days entering year 12, when I thought of CAS as an obligation and a prerequisite to pass the IB. But these past two years have been nothing but the best, most valuable years of my life. […]

Y13 Yearbook & Graduation

As the Year 13s completed their IB journey, Ms. Barnard assembled a group of motivated and creative Y12 students to design and create the official yearbook for the class of 2017. I was assigned to the tutor group 13DGO along with Lily Wells, Georgina Lie and Seongbin Cho. We were each in charge of 4 […]

The Girl Effect

My very first service project in my CAS journey is The Girl Effect. It was created by Rahmani Nitiyudo and Tiffany Setiadharma from the class of 2017, and the JSFA team is a branch of the Year 12 CAS Service Project “The Girl Effect” with the aim of addressing gender inequalities. Our project specifically focuses […]

The Living Wall

The Living Wall is a project which aims to raise awareness of palliative care in Jakarta, in partnership with The Rachel House Foundation. It also aims to engage the youth in a global campaign to increase the awareness of children living with life-limiting illnesses in order to improve their access to palliative care. On the […]

BSJ Country Fair

A couple of weeks ago our school held a country fair giving us a CAS opportunity for its creativity strand. Since I had completed my service projects, I realized that I needed to work on my creativity aspect further (LO1). I volunteered to take part in the morning shift of an activity called The Sponge […]

CAS Interview 2

The second CAS interview requires us to show our progress in CAS to our supervisor, by answering  questions given to us prior to the interview. I completed mine on the 26th of May, with my supervisor, Ms. Kentwell. The mindmap below shows all the projects I am involved in for each of the CAS strands, […]

TOK Presentation Reflection

Stephanie and I began our presentation by describing clearly our real-life situation, which was the potential use of embryonic stem cells to treat numerous different diseases. From our RLS, we extracted and clearly formulated a single knowledge question “Why do different religions have different ethical views?”. In order to answer the questions we had to […]

CAS Reflection 3

Learning outcome How I personally have begun to address this through my CAS Service project 1. I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth While teaching and having conversations with the girls from SD Parigi 01, I get to develop my Bahasa Indonesia (which is a not a preferable language in this school). I […]


According to, responsibility refers to: A duty or obligation to satisfactorily perform or complete a task (assigned by someone, or created by one’s own promise or circumstances) that one must fulfill, and which has a consequent penalty for failure. Responsibility is one of the desired characteristics of an IB student, because as students we […]