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Playing sports, particularly football and tennis. On days that are filled with relatively uninspiring subjects, the thing that keeps me from walking out of school and going home is the fact that I can play the sports I love after school. Playing football is genuinely something that excites me and has for as long as I can remember. Being able to run, exercise and play with a team that I love and respect and competing to beat the other team is exhilarating. Although starting tennis much later in my life, it contains the same adrenaline rush as football and that’s why I love these sports so much. I have made sacrifices to play these sports, such as missing school, getting injuries, postponing medical appointments in fear that they will tell me I can’t play sports for a month and playing through these illnesses. However, they were all worth it in the end for my own happiness. I know that I am not world class but I feel that the enjoyment and fulfilment I get is enough for me to continue to want to play it until I physically can’t anymore. I want to encourage my youth generation in Jakarta to be more actively involved in sports. Not only will they be more healthy, more people will be able to discover the enjoyment of participating in sports.

My other passion I have is travelling as it is always excited going to a new place and experiencing new things like food, people and culture. I especially love going on beach holidays and exploring the city with my family. The experience and memories I make in these adventures will be in my heart for a very long time. I always wanted to open a business related to traveling like owning a beach club or a resort, so I am able to share the beauty of traveling and the amazing experience.

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