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Author: 19hoseaw

Lido Lakes

In Lido Lakes we had many activities the were fun and engaging. In the trip I had a blast hanging out with my friends and laughing together. Despite that most of my friends was in another group I was able enjoy the activities with new people in my grade. I was able to bond and a create a new relationships with the new kids.

One of my favorite activities from the residential was the paintball activity which was exciting as it was such an adrenaline rush. being able to be the one that pulled the flag. At beginning all of us were trying to become the hero of the game but slowly we came to realize that working with each other was beneficial to all of us and we actually started making progress (LO 5). We continued to persevere and won through our teamwork (LO 4)

The activity that I discovered most difficult was the raft building challenge as despite the fact that our group was for the most part helpful we had our minutes in which we differ and arguing  in various parts and how we should build it.


Playing sports, particularly football and tennis. On days that are filled with relatively uninspiring subjects, the thing that keeps me from walking out of school and going home is the fact that I can play the sports I love after school. Playing football is genuinely something that excites me and has for as long as I can remember. Being able to run, exercise and play with a team that I love and respect and competing to beat the other team is exhilarating. Although starting tennis much later in my life, it contains the same adrenaline rush as football and that’s why I love these sports so much. I have made sacrifices to play these sports, such as missing school, getting injuries, postponing medical appointments in fear that they will tell me I can’t play sports for a month and playing through these illnesses. However, they were all worth it in the end for my own happiness. I know that I am not world class but I feel that the enjoyment and fulfilment I get is enough for me to continue to want to play it until I physically can’t anymore. I want to encourage my youth generation in Jakarta to be more actively involved in sports. Not only will they be more healthy, more people will be able to discover the enjoyment of participating in sports.

My other passion I have is travelling as it is always excited going to a new place and experiencing new things like food, people and culture. I especially love going on beach holidays and exploring the city with my family. The experience and memories I make in these adventures will be in my heart for a very long time. I always wanted to open a business related to traveling like owning a beach club or a resort, so I am able to share the beauty of traveling and the amazing experience.


Hello, my name is Warren Hosea. I am a year 12 student here in BSJ. Wherever I go on vacation around Indonesia, many locals start speaking English to me because they presume I’m Korean or Japanese however! I’m just like the locals with Indonesian blood running through my veins.

I feel IB is a very large jump from IGCSE, I can feel the workload and pressure increasing. I can no longer be my old me and leave everything to last minute and “YOLO” every test I complete, only studying for the real IGCSE exam. Many teachers have told me that this tactic will not work in IB due to the amount of information and technique that needs to be known. I must have a change in attitude in order for me to crush IB and achieve a good score in all my subjects. I am excited to explore my HL subjects and learn not only Business theory but experience it in the real world in my CAS.

My VIA strengths are:




I agree with my VIA result as I am not afraid to take new opportunities  and express my opinion even if people don’t agree. I enjoy laughing with my friends and having a good time in school and on the weekends. I would consider myself as a loving person as I care about my friends and family, wanting them to succeed and be happy even though it might not look like it with my sarcastic and joking personality



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