Final CAS Interview

I am still in awe at the idea that my CAS journey is coming to a close because it feels as if it was only a week ago that I was introduced to this aspect of IB. Instead, I had my third and final interview with my CAS mentor, Mr Metters. We discussed topics based on a set of questions and also some that he came up with. Most of the interview was based around my main service project.


A question that I truly reflected on was based around the experiences I gained from CAS. I feel that the most humbling experience I gained through my service project, The Girl Effect: JSFA, was creating a bond between myself and the young girls we taught football. Though I must admit that the beginning of the project was quite stressful as we had to raise funds, create team kits and buy equipment, the outcome was truly indescribable. This experience taught me to be grateful with what I have. Sometimes we are so busy with the things we have that we take many things for granted. Seeing that the girls only needed us to teach and support them to make them smile and laugh, humbled me and taught me to be thankful. Though the project won’t be continued by the year 12s, I’m so happy I was able to be a part of it and hope it will be carried on in the following year. As for the Creativity section of CAS, we discussed how it coincided with my Service projects. I spoke about the mufti day and bake sale and the stressful process that we experienced to make it happen. Lastly, in regards to Activity, I told him about SoulBox, a workout class that provides many exercises. I  joined in year 13 for the purpose of trying new workouts and getting my fitness on track and it did exactly that. So far it has been a great experience and I will certainly continue. Not only has it improved my overall fitness, it has pushed me to take risks and try out exercises I never thought I would go for.


To conclude, CAS has been a wonderful experience that brought me balance and gave me the opportunity to help others, go outside of my comfort zone and take risks, something I am grateful for.


C(activity)S – progress update #5

  • SOULBOX Training: TRX, Pilates and Muay Thai

SOULBOX Jakarta is a fitness company located in South Jakarta that provides a variety of different exercises. The idea that I was able to try out different and new fitness exercises intrigued me thus motivated me into trying it out. Even though I just started a few months ago, I have enjoyed it very much. I have chosen to consistently focus on exercises like TRX, Pilates and Muay Thai, all of which have a common SMART Goal: It is for me to develop my stamina and improve my overall fitness health by the end of the academic year. I have been measuring my progress by how I perform and this has been done by observations from my trainers and friends who join me. In Muay Thai, I measured my progress by the number of punches and kicks I can do in a minute

LO2 – I undertake challenges, I develop new skills

Muay Thai – I started focusing on my punching techniques even more and also began to focus on my kicks and this gave me the ability to develop these skills and drastically improve on them.

Progress check

Punches – 70

Kicks – 40

TRX – I undertook this challenge as this was a new workout for me as I have never done this before. Though the workout was very intense in the beginning, it is always worth it as I feel that I have improves my stamina and also toned my abdominal and glutes.

Pilates – I have previously done Pilates before therefore I was able to develop my skills on this exercise whilst improving my overall fitness health.

LO4 – I show commitment, I persevere

Attending the sessions once a week was difficult when Year 13 began as IA’s, EE’s and University applications took a portion of the first term and was what I prioritised but I tried to balance my academic and non-academic life to live a healthy lifestyle so I tried to attend at least one of the exercise sessions once a week.

I feel that overall, I have improved my stamina because of the commitment and effort I’ve put in. Though it has been difficult to get the motivation at times as there were moments where I would rather nap than exercise, I’m glad that I was determined enough to keep going!


The Girl Effect: JSFA – Bake Sale!

The team addressed LO5: I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognise the benefits of collaboration as we came together to bake sweet treats for our bake sale! In the end, our team work proved to be a success as we raised funds for our CAS group. LO4: I show commitment, I persevere was also addressed as baking was a challenge but we didn’t give up and showed determination! #bakesale #cookies #TheGirlEffect


C(activity)s – progress update #4

  • Nike Fitness (PE lesson)

SMART goal – to develop and tone my abdominal muscles and gluteus by the end of this section of the PE curriculum. Measuring it by the amount of abdominal and glutes related workouts I can do in one minute.

LO1 – I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth

I feel that throughout the year, I have drastically improved on my fitness and stamina and more specifically the abdominal and glutes area as they were the areas I mainly wanted to focus on. Through identifying the areas that I needed to improve on, I was able to reach my goals

LO4 – I show commitment, I persevere

I tried to attend every lesson a week and put my best effort into each of them so I can push myself into achieving these goals

Progress check

Sit-ups – 60

Squats – 55

Plank – able to hold for 2 min

Lunges – 50

Skipping – able to hold for two min


  • Muay Thai (outside school)

SMART goal – To learn and develop different hand and leg movement/skills in Muay Thai so I can strengthen the muscles in those areas and overall, develop my skill on the the sport itself as I am new to it by the end of Year 12. I will be measuring it by the amount of kicks and punches I can do in a minute and progress checks from the trainers.


LO2 – I undertake challenges, I develop new skills

I started focusing on my punching techniques even more and also began to focus on my kicks and this gave me the ability to develop these skills and drastically improve on them


LO4 – I show commitment, I persevere

Attending the sessions once a week was difficult when term 3 began as exams and revision was what I prioritised but I tried to balance my academic and non-academic life to live a healthy lifestyle so I attended sessions once every two weeks for about 3 hours

Progress check

Punches – 65

Kicks – 35


  • Touch Rugby (PE lesson)

As the first section of the PE season comes to an end, I have decided to take part in another sport activity. I chose to do Touch Rugby for the remaining part of this pe season. My SMART goals is to learn and develop Touch rugby skills and the rules involved in it by the end of the Touch PE season. I will be measuring it by how I perform and this will be done by observations from my teacher and friends that are familiar with the sport.

I have familiarised myself with the rules of the game and am now trying to develop my techniques on touch to improve my performance during game time such as catching the ball


I feel that overall, I have improved significantly in both my Nike Fitness and Muay Thai activities. This was only achievable through the support of my friends and trainers, determination to succeed and my self motivation to achieve my set goals and I can say that I am proud of myself and how far I’ve gone from the beginning

Mismatched, The Musical

MISMATCHED is a student-run musical that is planned to be performed later on this year. Students from international schools around Jakarta have come together to create an entirely new musical and we are working with non-profit organisations to fund this project. I addressed LO1: I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth as my strength is coming up with creative costume ideas and my area for growth is drawing the sketches of the costumes.

My main contribution to this project is that I am part of the makeup and costume team. My group and I, whom are from a different school, collaborate to create costumes and makeup looks. We as a team must work together to design the costumes, find the correct fabric and raise the funds needed to purchase and produce these costumes. Also, we need to contact and work with sponsors that will provide us with the makeup we need for the musical. This project has allowed me to achieve LO5 – I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognise the benefits of collaboration. We are still in the early stages of designing the costumes which as an area that is new to me as I have never really designed clothing before though I have always been interested in fashion. It will be a challenge that I am excited to take part in as I get to develop a new skill (LO2).


The Girl Effect – Progress update #2

Over the past months,

The Girl Effect: JSFA project has progressed significantly. In order to purchase equipment and also produce our team jersey, we needed to raise funds. We did this by having a bake sale and also doing a mufti day in which the colour dress code was orange. This brought out our creative side as my team members and I made baked goods to sell in our bake sale. Baking is an area which I am not very confident in however, I was determined and committed to taking a risk and trying something out of my comfort zone therefore addressing LO4 – I show commitment, I persevere. When designing our team kit and logo, we decided to make the colour scheme of our team, orange instead of the typical pink colour (we also implemented this colour theme during our mufti day) as the main objective of our project is to address the global issue of gender inequality by giving the opportunity for girls to play and compete in the male dominated sport of football, therefore achieving LO6 – I engage with issues of global significance!



CAS Challenge Week

For the first two days of challenge week,

our year group was split into different CAS teams and were given the opportunity to develop our ATL skills as we had to come up with creative ideas with a group of Key Stage 3 students that would benefit our service projects. The CAS group I was assigned to was the ECO Committee and during this time, I came across LO1 – I identify my strengths, I identify areas of growth, as I knew my strength and the area I am familiar with are my collaborative skills. I wasn’t nervous about collaborating with different and younger year groups but I was quite anxious about having to lead and teach the kids, which I knew were areas of growth. This CAS challenge allowed me to develop my teaching and leadership skills as we had to lead, organise and teach the group. I also came across LO7 – I recognise ethical issues, I act ethically, when my group and I came up with the idea for the ECO committee group of taking scrap paper found around the school and recycle them into a notebook where we would sell them and all the proceeds will be used to purchase school supplies for the school of their choice. Designing the notebook as a group also brought out our creative and collaborative sides.

CAS Reflection #5

It’s been almost a full academic year since we first began our CAS journey and I truly feel as if I learnt so much more than I initially thought I would. So far, I have faced challenges, difficulties and surprises that have overall developed my organisational and  leadership skills.

My main service project is called, The Girl Effect: JSFA whereby my team and I aim to address the issue of gender inequality by providing  girls in the nearby communities of Bintaro for the opportunity to play the male-dominated sport of football. In the beginning, we faced several challenges. Having had to completely start from the beginning by forming a new team, designing the team jersey and raising the funds that were needed to purchase the equipment and produce the team kit. Though it was very difficult at first, I think that the experience that we gained from this was what developed our organisational and leadership skills and we learnt to collaborate in order to make the project a success. We as a team, got to work together to formulate effective ideas such as having a bake sale and mufti day to raise funds, planning our training sessions and committing to attending as many sessions and games as we could in order to support the team as well as brain-storming ideas to create our team kit, which has ultimately enhanced our creative side. Coming into this project was something that I had never experienced and something that was out of my comfort zone. Having not previously played football or taken much of an interest in the sport itself, I decided to take the risk so I could try something new and I also wanted to give these girls an opportunity to be part of the league and to do things that they may not have the chance to.

As the 2017 JSFA season has come to a close, so has our project and it’s made me reflect about the past couple of months and think about what I have learnt this far. I have come to the realisation that though in the beginning of this project I had assumed that we, my team and i, would be the only ones teaching, they also personally taught me a few things. Not only did the girls teach me Indonesian phrases that have helped me expand my knowledge on the language, they have also taught me to be grateful with what I have. I noticed that they only needed a few things such as football boots, a kit and us, to make them happy. They had so little yet their happiness seemed unlimited and it opened my eyes to be thankful with what I have. It was truly an experience that I am so grateful I had the opportunity to witness and the skills I have developed and the things I have learned throughout this journey is something I won’t forget. I think my most memorable moment from this project was when the girls lost their first game (we were still very proud of them though) and they surprised us in our next training session with a personalised cake. It was so thoughtful of them to do and it surely made my day.

The activities that I have partaken in this year are Nike Fitness, Muay Thai and Touch Rugby. All of which have encouraged me to take risks and have challenged my fitness. Nike Fitness has been an activity that I have very much enjoyed since the beginning of the academic year as I liked being challenged and pushing myself in order to better my fitness. Since then, I feel much healthier and more active. Muay Thai was the activity that I had never done previously but I was eager to try something new. Having done the sport over the past months, I have enjoyed developing new skills like the different moves  to help better my kicking and punching. Touch Rugby is  a sport that I had played several times before but it wasn’t until recently, when CAS began, that I had really focused on learning and remembering the rules and applying the different techniques to help my team win. I’m happy to say that I’ve completed my SMART goals for all my activities.

(The Learning Outcomes I have achieved for my projects and activities are in separate blogs – links will be added on soon)

To conclude, my first year of CAS has been wonderful and a very memorable journey and I can’t wait to see what future projects I will take part in on my last year of highschool. I can’t wait!


Pramuka Island Beach Clean Up!

LO6: I engage with issues of global significance and LO7: I recognise ethical issues, I act ethically was addressed when I visited Pramuka Island to clean up the beaches with my friends! It was an eye-opening experience and I definitely want to do it again.

#PramukaIsland #BeachCleanUp #CAS

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