Final CAS Interview

I am still in awe at the idea that my CAS journey is coming to a close because it feels as if it was only a week ago that I was introduced to this aspect of IB. Instead, I had my third and final interview with my CAS mentor, Mr Metters. We discussed topics based on a set of questions and also some that he came up with. Most of the interview was based around my main service project.


A question that I truly reflected on was based around the experiences I gained from CAS. I feel that the most humbling experience I gained through my service project, The Girl Effect: JSFA, was creating a bond between myself and the young girls we taught football. Though I must admit that the beginning of the project was quite stressful as we had to raise funds, create team kits and buy equipment, the outcome was truly indescribable. This experience taught me to be grateful with what I have. Sometimes we are so busy with the things we have that we take many things for granted. Seeing that the girls only needed us to teach and support them to make them smile and laugh, humbled me and taught me to be thankful. Though the project won’t be continued by the year 12s, I’m so happy I was able to be a part of it and hope it will be carried on in the following year. As for the Creativity section of CAS, we discussed how it coincided with my Service projects. I spoke about the mufti day and bake sale and the stressful process that we experienced to make it happen. Lastly, in regards to Activity, I told him about SoulBox, a workout class that provides many exercises. I  joined in year 13 for the purpose of trying new workouts and getting my fitness on track and it did exactly that. So far it has been a great experience and I will certainly continue. Not only has it improved my overall fitness, it has pushed me to take risks and try out exercises I never thought I would go for.


To conclude, CAS has been a wonderful experience that brought me balance and gave me the opportunity to help others, go outside of my comfort zone and take risks, something I am grateful for.


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