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Date: February 6 -12 2017

What: Hadiprana February Art Exhibition

Since the start of IB, I have been doing art lessons at Hadiprana in Kemang in hopes to bring my art grade up by expanding my skills and media used as well as learning new techniques in painting and drawing. Furthermore, it was also my chance to be able to explore what my “art” was lacking; that power, that push, that energy, that makes art something more and special – something eye catching. As a result, I believe one of my checkpoints is this February’s exhibition. Since I have just started, I don’t really have a theme but to keep all my pieces relatively close to each other, my teacher, Pak Yohanes said to keep everything close to the Indonesian Culture. Below are images of my pieces in the exhibition:

Learning Outcomes Achieved:

  • LO 1: Before starting, I told Pak Yohanes about what my skills are and what I believe I do best and what I am weak against. I believe that I am good and comfortable with doing animals and doodles or black and white artworks. my main issue is how I paint and human anatomy. As a result, we created a Bali Dancer as my focal point of my exhibition. I believe that the clothing of the dancer is really clear, detailed and “perfect” and though the eyes of the dancer are “sharp”, I still think I need to work on my skills in human anatomy.
  • LO 2: I definitely developed new skills, especially in media that I am not comfortable or never used before such as charcoal and ink, thus I have come to like using all types of media which helps me create multimedia artworks at school. The main painting technique that I have learned and come to use a lot is “duzel”. I no longer use same direction brush stroke, but more of a messy style which gives my artworks more energy.

My next goal is to be able to fill in other learning outcomes by next year’s exhibition

Care away

Date: July 17 – 23, 2017

What: Follow a (Wild) Vet Program

Following off from doing a (Wild) Keeper Program, I did a one week program, “Follow a (Wild) Vet Program” where I would help out and do what the vet does on a day to day basis. Along the way, I got to meet two 2nd year vet students and was able to learn and ask them about any questions I had regarding their courses and how they got into a vet university.

Here is an overview of what we did:

  • Day 1: Morning round (checking up all the animals) – Relocation of 3 (crescent serpent) eagles and took a blood sample and gave vitamin to one of them. Caring, feeding and muscle training for Carlos (a 2 month old siamang) and practiced how to make blood smears.
  • Day 2: Morning round (checking up all the animals) – Seeing how to do a beak trim of Snowball, a cockatoo who has beak and feather disease (the beak doesn’t stop growing – these birds tend to not be able to be released back as they would not be able to fend for themselves due to overgrowth).
  • Day 3: Morning round (checking up all the animals) – No animals need treatment. Caring for Carlos which included muscle training, feeding as well as introducing him to “nature” aka getting him to start using his leg muscles as his arms are strong, but his legs are weak due to the lack of usage.
  • Day 4: Morning round (checking up all the animals) – Learned how to make paper medicine pockets for storing which we later used to give milk thistle powder to those primates who have hepatitis (using natural medicine as in the wild, there is no such thing as antibiotics) We mix in the medicine with honey and spear it on a banana to reduce the taste of the thistle. Watch how to make food enrichment for the animals. Introduced Carlos to Ucil (around a 8 month old siamang) so that he can get used to his own species as Carlos was scared of him.
  • Day 5: Morning round (checking up all the animals) – Gave vitamins to Oleg, an in house slow loris who’s fangs have been removed, so he no longer has a chance to be released back into the wild. Chill day, no animals need treatment so further caring of Carlos and muscle training

    Carlos playing with Ucil

    Learning how to do blood swipes


    Group photo with Annette and Andy (owners of ASTI), Aidell (the vet), one of the keepers Sukmana, the two vet students Priyanka and Mathias and I

The last two LO’s from the last post can be in affect here as well but here are two more that have been achieved:

  • LO 2: I believe I definitely learned new skills as I was able to make tranquil darts out of syringes, sharpen skills used for vet work, learn about how to make a good and bad blood swipe, become creative if an animal does not do what we please or not take their medicine and so much more in which I can use in the future as well as my current CAS Service project – Feline Cross.
  • LO 7: Similar to the last post, both have strong ethical implications as we need to act ethically in order for both animals and humans to be both healthy and safe. This is especially true when being a vet as some of the actions you may do may be good for the animals, but are shunned upon by humans. It can be easy to find the balance, but just as easy to tip that scale too.


Date: April, 11, 2017 – Tuesday

What: Follow the Keeper Program

Today I went to ASTI (Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia) to do a one day “Follow the Keeper Program”. As ASTI mainly focuses on saving wild animals from those such as poaching, black market selling and getting these animals back into the wild, all the animals that are under their care are wild animals. However, they each have a strong connection to the keepers who look after them and feed them and as a result of their bond, the animals and keepers get close with each other, understanding one another.

What I did during the day was feed the animals, move one of the eagles they had to a bigger cage and create a tranquil dart out of syringes. This was a lot of fun as it also allowed me an opportunity to see what it is like to work with these animals on a day to day basis.

Feeding Eva – A tiger who is too fond of humans and is staying for observation of her growth and rehabilitation. She is still dangerous and has moved to a bigger enclosure at ASTI

Oleg the slow loris – Oleg is a permanent resident at ASTI as his poison glands were remove and thus rendering him unable to fend for himself in the wild
















Learning outcomes achieved:

  • LO 5: Working with the keepers show that a lot of commitment and collaboration with both one another, the animals and with their sponsors help to keep ASTI running as well as keeping their animals healthy.
  • LO 6: Global significance is attained as ASTI works for the conservation and protection of animals; something that I would hope to do one day as well. AS ASTI is only the rescue shelter, those that need urgent care or are ready to be released back into the wild are then moved to other locations (such as those in Kalimantan and Sumatra) and rehabilitation centers that can give better care and what they need.


Trying to blog every now and then, to still try to finish reflecting the past year (again). I’ve done so much over the past year, but haven’t really shown anything for it, so its time for a little description of each and how that contributes to CAS – “A blog a day, keeps the teachers at bay” 😀

Date: 13 March 2017

What?: ASTI trip

Taking a trip down to ASTI (Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia) where I help out the Brownies as their photographer and as a young leader, helping out with the minor jobs. The girls got to learn about each of the animal’s situations and animal welfare

Going to “cheat” a little bit by using this post for both a creativity and service post as it was one of my photography gigs as well as my service in helping being a volunteer

LO: Explanations
 C – LO:2 – Developing new skills  I get to have another chance of developing my skills in photography in both taking photos of animals and humans, something that can seem easy, but wanting to get the right angle is hard, especially when the lighting isn’t correct or that there is an issue with the focus
 C – LO:4 – I persevere  Every action, creativity and service needs perseverance to be able to continue the job. Here I persevere by constantly fiddling with my camera settings in order to get some good shots. I take as many as I want and then select the best later
 S – LO:5 – Collaboration skills  As a service, this allows me to collaborate with other younger students as well as the other leaders and in this case, ASTI workers as well. This creates opportunities to help and learn about each other and what they think as well
 S – LO:6 – Global issue  ASTI is an non-profit organization about a global issues, animal welfare. As a result, I engage with global issues through them as they told us about the scenarios of each of the animals as well as how they came to be and so forth


Trying to blog once a day, to still try to finish reflecting the past year (again). I’ve done so much over the past year, but haven’t really shown anything for it, so its time for a little description of each and how that contributes to CAS – “A blog a day, keeps the teachers at bay” 😀 

Date: 11 June 2017 

Finally finishing my 10 bounce trampoline routine outside of school (utilizing a friend’s birthday party for a quick 10 min in order to practice and record the routine 😛 ), I am able to put this activity away too! It was so much fun, especially that during today, my friends, siblings and I roughly now know how to do a forwards somersault. Now for a quick summary of what I have achieved by using the LO’s

LO Reflection
LO: 1 My strengths and areas for growth are apparent as I know what I needed to fix and what I was good at – such as being good at seat drops (the basics pretty much) and needing to practice harder techniques such as back drops
LO: 2 Challenges for me was finalizing the back drop and being able to use it within my routine whilst a new skill that I learnt was that I was able to do somersault without any help and almost, key word: almost, land it
LO: 3 Planning does show as I planned out my routine from my strengths, weaknesses and where my skills are roughly at
LO: 4 Commitment is used for nearly anything one does – showing that you never gave up is key for being able to succeed one’s target, which in my case, was the routine done and recorded
LO: 5 There was a little bit of collaboration going on with trampolining as we all need to work together or stay attentive to ensure another’s safety
LO: 6, LO: 7 However, there is no global or ethical issues that were addressed within this sport

Video proof:

Bonus of us doing somersaults (featuring my brother, Jaden (year 10), my sister, Izabella (year 4), our friends, Sebastian (year 10) and Alex (year 9) 😀

Jump jump jump!

Trying to blog once a day, to still try to finish reflecting the past year (again). I’ve done so much over the past year, but haven’t really shown anything for it, so its time for a little description of each and how that contributes to CAS – “A blog a day, keeps the teachers at bay” 😀

What: Trampoline update

Date: ???

So, apparently I’m missing one blog before my final one for trampolining which is interesting because I feel like I did write another one up, but misplaced it somewhere or might have accidentally did it. How I noticed? Well, when checking my tracker, I saw that there was a link that I pasted twice; one in the correct spot, and one that isn’t. Either way, a simple reflection is that I am (or was, at the time I am writing this) still working my way up to doing my ten bounce routine which has been finalized in the following order:
1. Tuck jump
2. seat drop
3. swivel hips (180 turn to another seat drop)
4. stable/ normal jump
5. 180 turn
6. seat drop
7. front drop
8. stable/ normal jump
9. normal jump
10. back drop

For some reason, I lost my confidence mid way during the school sessions in which I couldn’t even do a simple front drop; I would chicken and not do it. So goals for the time are to get my confidence back up and to try and get the back drop as good as I can

Dream 2016

Mass blogging shall commence again ? – “A blog a day, keeps the teachers at bay”

Time to finish reflecting the past year (again). I’ve done so much over the past year, but haven’t really shown anything for it, so its time for a little description of each and how that contributes to CAS

Date: November 30, December 1 and 2, 2016

I performed in the play “Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare or what we called “Dream” for short last year. It was a lot of fun as I have stopped doing dance due to too much clashes in my schedule (even though I really love to dance). My roles in the play were small and mute; I was an attendant in Theseus’s court as well as a fairy/ dancer for Titania, but I had fun experiencing being on stage again meeting new people

Learning objectives achieved:

LO:2 – I undertake challenges = The challenge I took here is obviously being on stage. Although I love dancing, I have a slight stage fright in which is the reason why I was alright with non-speaking characters, which is why it took me a lot of courage to go and audition as just before, I just heard some personal bad news

LO:4 – I show commitment = Being in a play took a lot of time out of my schedule, one point I had to miss one rehearsal due to a workshop for the Extended Essay which nearly cost me the role. Even though I was angry and I was in my usual mood swings, I continued to persevere and through determination, got through. Being able to compromise most of the time by doing school work in the intervals and off-stage time

LO:5 – I demonstrate collaborative skills = Not only the fact that a play needs a lot of collaboration skills to work, but also being one of the oldest students there, I needed to show a good example as well as to make sure that the younger students didn’t cause any issues. They did tend to though by running around and playing tag, but they calmed down after using up that excess energy (and getting scolded by the teacher  hahaha)

I’ve met many people through this experience as well as making more friends spread out across the years

Promotional video

Thinking of the past

Mass blogging in action 😀

Its that time to reflect again! As a result, I had my meeting with Mr Paterson on May 23rd (Tuesday) and look at me, posting on June 12th (Monday) hahaha. I’ve done so much over the past year, but haven’t really shown anything for it, so its time for a little description of each and how that contributes to CAS


Having a photography gig as well as looking after the girls as we had a trip to Seaworld at Ancol

Creativity is probably the one that I have done the most in as it’s the easiest to complete. I’ve done many tasks from artsy stuff such as photography gigs and painting to the country fair and even programs with ASTI! These fill in the requirements of LO: 1, 4, 6 and 7 as I have definitely have spotted my strengths and weaknesses in all my art aspects, showed commitment by not half-way doing things and still doing them to this day as well as engaging with global significance and ethics, especially with ASTI and the situation with animals in which they have – their endless struggle with poachers and smugglers as well as the long procurement time for documents to allow some of the animals they have to be able to be released back into the wild


All the black belts BSJ now has as well as our master (orange/ yellow dobok) and our grand master (casual clothing)

I’ve pretty much have all my activities set, with one still on-going and others being something I do occasionally. Taekwondo is my main activity in which this year I was able to reach black belt dan 2, something I am very proud of which all my hard work has paid off. Badminton and volleyball are two sports I dabble into at times, that of which I just play for fun or in P.E. Last but not least, trampolining, is now complete and just waiting for the last blog to be posted as yesterday whilst being invited to a birthday party, I spent a little bit of time recording myself at Houbii (the jump park) as well as had fun and actually manage to almost do a somersault! IB CAS never rests 😀 Learning outcomes achieved here are LO: 1, 2 and 4 again.


The shelter’s current position. If you look closely, there is a kitten in which the workers put but is released later on

Currently, two out of my three services are in full throttle – I have been able to finally be accepted as an official member to be a young leader for Girls Guiding and has been continuously helping out with the addition of being a photographer for them whenever we have a trip. Feline Cross has also been going head strong after a very long procurement time that took nearly 1 whole term! But now we finally have the base of the shelter in which the members will create the inside shelving and the such inside before the next academic year in hopes that it will finally be able to serve its purpose. However teaching taekwondo to Sekolah Bisa has been stagnant due to the change of time as well as the lack of communication we have. This term no longer has the time to be able to, but hopefully I can start again next year or maybe find another service to do. The learning objectives achieved here is LO:2, 5 and 7 as ethics need to be in place when there are others (morals may vary)

Note: (More information will be added further on and hyperlinked to each section once completed)

Connect it!

Aye! I’m behind in my blogs now ahahaha… Whoops… As a result, its time for some mass blogging action! Starting with the CAS mindmap!

Image result for sweat emoji

(link to the mindmap website is here: https://coggle.it/diagram/WRknzCDIIAABUuNn) 

Right, so TOK anyone?

The first time for everything isn’t always the best. My partner, Elia and I were the first ones to present our TOK presentation and even though it was meant to go for only 10 minutes, it went to 20 minutes! What was ours about? Well our TOK Knowledge Question was “How do humans justify right and wrong?” based from our real life situation of “Designer Babies” – embryos that are genetically  modified for a desirable trait

Now, what I felt that we did well together was that we

Our presentation’s first slide and palm cards

had a good use of our real life situations and our teamwork in creating the presentation worked well as we got across what we wanted to say and do. We were also about to have a sense of coherent argument between “Reason” and “Emotion” and the impacts they create on our decision to do certain things and to what extent can they believe what is right or wrong. Reason and Emotion are two ways of knowing that have been “fighting” each other for as long as time can tell. Why is this and how can we justify it? Well, only TOK can tell 😛

But with every good point, there is always something to improve on. In our case, our knowledge question was a tad too broad to be able to be answered in those 10 – 20 minutes and we had too much audience interaction based from our array of scenarios which then diluted our argument which then can argue against my point in the last paragraph about us being coherent (What’s this? An argument on a blog? o.0 heheh) Even though we worked hard and well together, I think we still lacked a little clarity in the presentation which we could fix later and use other real life situations at the end of the presentation to link our conclusion back to it to present our idea and back it up!

Overall, an interesting start to TOK and what they want us to present! There is so much room for improvement that it makes you wonder, how far can we go?