The final step

The final steps of CAS are approaching fast! Throughout this experience I have learned a lot and was able to achieve all 7 learning outcomes through my creativity, actions and services. It also allowed me to develop as an individual by learning and experiencing situations that I am most likely going to face in the future. For example Feline Cross has allowed me to gain experience that will be useful for the veterinarian course that I am aiming to do in university. Furthermore, the art skill that I have learnt such as “duzel” will give my artworks more life, helping me achieve a higher grade in IB Art.

I believe that I have developed the most and achieved the most learning outcomes in my primary service of Feline Cross. This was because Feline Cross was a brand new project, meaning that we had to start from the very beginning – planning, initiation and continuation. I have demonstrated collaborative skills through working with various members of the BSJ staff along with other students from different year groups. I have also demonstrated the last two learning outcomes of ethical and global significance as animal abuse and over population has always been an issue. Now that we have sterilized and allowed a cats a place to call their home, we are hoping that this little ripple will have a huge impact in the future. Nevertheless this is similar to my time in all my other services such as Girlsguiding – Rainbows and Brownies as well as teaching Sekolah Bisa Taekwondo. Though I would like if is I was able to create a bigger impact to SB, it was difficult with them less prioritizing the sport. The large miscommunications and constant changes to the schedule made it difficult to know a certain time to teach as well.

I believed that I have excelled in all my activities as I have achieved all of my targets in each sport – From Taekwondo to Trampolining and Badminton. Though the strongest one would be Taekwondo as I have done that the longest and have had various targets and goals that I created within the 18 courses of CAS. I am very proud that I was able to successfully able to pass my grading, achieving black belt dan two and got silver in my first ever international competition.

My creativity includes a large spectrum – from art to internships that will assist me in the future. I have learned many artistic skills in my art lessons at Hadiprana, allowing me to open up my horizons more. The internships that I have done mainly include those of going to ASTI (Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia) and learning about being a vet or animal keeper.

My overall reaction to my CAS journey is that I am very proud of it and the progress that I have achieved. I also enjoyed the Gold International Award journey that I did alongside CAS as many aspects overlapped each other. Although I did have a period where I thought that the blogs were a little tedious to do; thinking that it was a waste of time trying to. This did not affect my positive attitude as I got over it and continued to create larger impacts within my CAS. This has been an enjoyable journey and hope everyone has felt the same way!

Below includes a link to a slide show that I believe have been the highlights of my journey:–MB6-yCASk55fWFH0qAv7yFsV1FZ71RNLf0v4/edit#slide=id.g3230020d68_0_137

This may be my final blog before I move on to another journey. Special thanks to all that have aided me in this journey of mine – from my teachers, core teachers, friends and BSJ staff. Thank you for sticking with me and stay tuned!

Your turn

Date: November 27th, 2016/ December 9th 2017

What: Taekwondo grading

One of the reasons why training is needed to be given to the Sekolah Bisa students is so that they will have the motivation to continue to do taekwondo as well as develop their skills. Their abilities are then best reflected whenever they do a taekwondo grading.

Learning Objectives Achieved:

  • LO 1: What I believe is that the strengths and weaknesses of a teacher can be reflected in a student. This allowed me to continue to grow as an individual and as a saebum
  • LO 5: I understood the collaborative benefits of a taekwondo grading. Though you may not see it within the images, a lot of time and patience between everyone; from the masters to us, went into organizing each of these events. without them, it makes it really difficult to handle over 200 students who are grading together. The Sekolah Bisa children included


Date: November 7th 2016

What: Teaching Sekolah Bisa Taekwondo

Sekolah Bisa is another of the CAS service projects that was started a while ago where they aim to give underprivileged children a chance for education. Now teaching them taekwondo, this is so that they learn the skills to be able to defend themselves if they ever need to. This also allows them to learn skills they would never have had the chance.

As a black belt, this also acts as training for me to be able to teach other younger belts. The issue however was the timing to teach these children as it was during school hours where I would spare free periods to go and help out, especially since there was a lack of saebums (the teachers) at the time.

Learning Objectives Achieved:

  • LO 2: I undertook new challenges and developed new skills towards being a saebum that is able to teach others. Furthermore, since Sekolah Bisa consist of students that can only speak a majority of Indonesian, it challenged me as I am not a fluent Indonesian speaker. As a result, I depended on my fellow saebums in order to be able to tell the students what to do
  • LO 7: The ethical impact this has had is that when teaching others, one must be respectful with others and act accordingly. It is never nice to treat others differently just because of their status.


Date: September 9th, 2017

What: Getting my membership as a “Young Leader”

So basically what does this means is that I have become a officially registered young leader for Girls Guiding. I have been helping out being a young leader for a while now, giving extra hands and a creativity boost to the children who do Rainbows and Brownies. It’s always fun and interesting, listening to the children and helping to developing similar and different skills that are taught in school such as sewing, craft making, physical activities and story telling.

Learning Objectives Achieved:

  • LO 2: The skills that I have developed whilst helping with the girls is my leadership and communication skills. As the girls that I work with are young, the language I used will differ slightly to that I use with my friends or with my teachers. My leadership skills also develop as I become more adapt to helping these girls effectively and easily
  • LO 4: I continue to preserve with the service as I have helped out for over a year now, starting at the end of IGCSE and continuing forth into IB and only now have I received my official membership. It is always a fun adventure helping these girls out as they lack leaders and members, being a volunteer lead service, where members always come and go

Come and visit!

Date: November 20th, 2017

What: Open for the public – Reflection

After all the trials and tribulations we encountered from long procurement time, to long working hours trying to add to the interior of the sanctuary ourselves, the sanctuary has 3 cats! One alpha male and 2 male kittens and all have been vaccinated on a Saturday that I booked with a vet of mine.

Year 7’s coming to help as volunteers

Recently, we open the Catuary for the public visits and have gotten a few appointments to be able to visit. (Appointments can be made by filling in this Google Form) This completed one of our goal of allowing students a place to de-stress with cuddly cats! This will also allow us to spread the word of our CAS project as well as get volunteers to help us.


Cat visits

Another goal is also along the way where we release and care for the cats (the Day-Night plan) as the cats are slowly getting comfortable in their new home! We are also getting a few applications for adoption of the cats! However, we do have a plan that if you would like to adopt a cat, you must be willing to pay a minimum of 500,000 RP. This will allow us to know that you will look after the cats and the money will be then cycled back to looking after other cats.


Learning Objectives Achieved:

  • LO 1: The whole process that I experienced was full of ups and downs. This then showed us a lot of continuous improvements that we had to make. It also showed us all of the aspects of the project that worked well and whether or not we needed to make more improvements or not.
  • LO 6:Feline Cross is indeed both an ethical service and it has global significance. Everything starts small and will have a butterfly/ ripple effect. The global significance of this project was due to the massive problem in which Indonesia has and their overpopulation of cats. These cats can then carry various diseases that humans can contract.
  • LO 7:  The ethical aspect of this service was due to various reasons which are included in our Google Slides. These included the health and safety of both the school body and the cats (thus the vaccinations), the means of how we go about this project and the actions we do, as well as the reason why we did this project. For example, this is more ethical than using Rentokil and killing cats in a river to remove cats from school.

King – one of the kittens

Spidey – the other kitten


Starting from the bottom

Date: April 5, 2017

What: Building the cat sanctuary or “Catuary”

After long discussions with Mrs Wieppert-Rowe and the rest of the BSJ campus staff to decide on a location and when to build a shelter, we finally got a fixed design to create and a location!

The reason for the shelter is to be able to have a place for where the cats can stay during the day for both safety to the cats and the students. They will then be released at night as a means of natural pest control against rats. Although this will take some time, it is not impossible as cats will always return to the place of food. The use of the shelter will also allow students to come and visit in a controlled environment and hopefully allow adoption for the cats to have their “forever home”.

Overall the shelter costs $5000 USD. However, because the materials were actually used from the scraps of the sports hall being built, it was fine and allowed for our shelter to be built.

Learning Objective Achieved:

  • LO 4: Perseverance and commitment were definitely achieved as it took us nearly half a term to get confirmation and during that whole time, we never gave up! Lesson learned for everyone is that hard work and determination will and does pay off
  • LO 5: Collaboration with others is always needed in a service. Especially this as we needed a lot of collaboration with others in order for the shelter to be built – We can never be able to build a shelter if not. The school’s architect took my sketch of what the team would like to have and he worked his magic, creating a wonderful blueprint for us. I also had help from my peers and teachers to be able to get the project thus far already too

This is how it all started


Date: August 25, 2016

What: The start of Feline Cross!

The start was Feline Cross was very abrupt in the beginning. During the time it was set up, we were still just planning. The prompt that started Feline Cross the time it did was because Rentokil, a extermination company was hired by the school to get rid of the cats simply by removing and relocating them. It was working in the beginning but as they removed cats from the campus, other, more feral cats would come. As a result, about 60 cats have died by throwing them into the river rather than relocation.

Feline Cross’s main objective is to reduce the number of cats roaming around school through humane and ethical means. Further information can be read up upon in your Google Slides presentation. The presentation includes what we aim to achieve, how we want it and possible future projects.

Learning Objectives Achieved:

  • LO 2: I undertook both new challenges and developed new skills as a leader starting a new project, similar to how an entrepreneur starts a business = with lots of determination and persistence as well as continuous high risk decisions being done
  • LO 3: Planning this CAS service project was indeed important as we had to plan and prove that this project was worth starting and investing time into, allowing it to be initiated.

Feline Cross logo created by Wysiana Patricia



New roles!

Date: December  9, 2017

What: Taekwondo Grading

What’s this? Another grading? It is indeed! But it is not the black belts as we have to wait (refer to last post). Instead, we will be acting as the saebums and actually grading the students who were having their grading that day! Furthermore, we will do a demonstration to all those who came. However, I was unable to do mine as the week before, I injured my knee badly whilst practicing my routine. As a result, all I did was grade the students and act as a photographer.

It was actually tougher and more confusing than I thought to be a the marker as you need to assess the students, give them advice and decide whether or not to pass them. The only two belts that are an exception is white and yellow; that is to just pass them. This is to encourage the students to keep on doing taekwondo. But you have to give them advice if they aren’t good enough. 

Learning Outcomes Achieved:

  • LO 2: I developed new skills being able to now grade students as well as teach them what they did wrong
  • LO 5: I collaborated with the other saebums and benefited from them as they were able to help and teach me on what, when and why I need to do certain tasks

On a random note, I would have really loved it to post a video of the demonstration that we did, however the size is too big for the blog’s domain T^T

3, 2, 1… FIGHT!

Date: July 1 – 8, 2017

What: Chuncheon Korean Open International Taekwondo Competition

After the black belt grading, we trained hard for the taekwondo competition in Korea in July.

Arrival – Group picture with the team

The competition was an international one and all of us were at the “younger spectrum” of our age groups; mine included 17 to 19 years old. Although we were there for 7 days, the competition was only the last 3 days. But we trained every single day, early in the morning at 6am and night 8pm for 2 hours. We also trained at Kukkiwon, where the world taekwondo headquarters is located and is called the city of taekwondo. At Kukkiwon, I noticed that my aim for kicks are horrible, similar to if a play a video game or anything in particular (ahahha) – I have no aim but control.

Overall, I got a silver within the competition, but noticed many improvements for what I need to do. I believe that I should have beaten my opponent but due to my nervousness and lack of stamina, I didn’t. Furthermore, I got kicked in the face and started bleeding at my lips. Even though it wasn’t a hard kick nor a bad injury, it affected my emotions and concentration.

Trained at Kukkiwon

Trained at Kukkiwon








Got second out of the three of us

Learning Outcomes Achieved:

  • LO 1: I have identified many of my strengths and my weaknesses within this competition and especially since it was my first ever international competition (and my second one overall), I noticed that experience is a fundamental aspect to learning and improving. I never really did competitions as the ones that I went to are more towards for grading and for fun, unlike this one where although I still considered it as “for fun”, was slightly more serious as I was aiming to get anything but last
  • LO 3: Originally, I did have a strategy in trying to win and it was going well in the beginning. However, as the fight grew longer, I got more worried and broke my concentration. This makes it important for me as this is what I need to improve on and get more experience on





Level up!

Date: May 13, 2017, Saturday

What: Black Belt dan 2 grading

As a result of all the hard training that I have done for 7 years and going now, it is time to grade up again. Once reaching black belt, you can only grade once there is a certain time period between your last grading and your next:

Before the date of the grading, we had a 6 hour training for all black belts on Wednesday 10th May 2017. This was one of the longest continuous training sessions that I have ever had. It was so that all the masters can make sure that those that are grading are actually ready and not wasting their time and allow those that aren’t grading to have extra training. The masters really went into detail and made sure that everyone understood the techniques, remembered the Korean names of all the moves and stance as well as “skill”, “stamina” and “strength”. During this time, I noticed that it is very visible to the eye those who are serious about taekwondo and those that are not. How? Well, by looking at their skill level and the amount of effort they put into learning and physically showing what they’re capable of. There were some students that really looked worrisome as even basic techniques, they weren’t able to do it correctly.

However, even through all the tough training we face, all the members under my master passed the exam!!

Learning Outcomes Achieved:

  • LO 1: During the time, as mentioned, the masters went into full detail of “re-teaching” us all. This really opened my eyes up about those that I am good at, and those that I am not (especially stamina and speed)
  • LO 4: I definitely show commitment as I haven’t stopped doing taekwondo and still love doing it. The only times I have stopped however, are when I am moving countries and if I am injured.

    All the black belts that were taking the exam

    Those that are in my club